Wizkid is NO LONGER competition, Davido is now coming for DRAKE

Davido has been the talk of every fan of Naija music in the past few days. He set himself a bar, went ahead to fearlessly outdo his own expectations, and has decided to raise his bars.

Talking about setting bars, we recall that mid last year, Davido funnily implied that he was going to repeat the feat his “brother” has accomplished, and we know who that brother of his was, and the feat he was referring to – selling out the 20,000 capacity O2. He just did. It certainly was a historical time for him.

The tickets got sold out over a day before the show itself; like that was huge success by ant standards in the industry and posterity must have exchanged a warm handshake with Davido for that.


DJ Ecool made the following remarks during their celebratory dinner:

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s here, to everyone who played a big part … from the team, to the management to the staff to the DJ, to the goons, to the security, and to everybody… I’ve asked David a question before, I’ve asked him did you ever see this happening ever… actually I just want to see my video on TV not for them to see me on TV and this happening … at this point right now, we have set the standard and we are no more competition with anybody else in the industry. We’re now in competition with your own… Drake (Davido chips in and they all cheered in laughter).

He was of course excited at the turn up by all those who did, and by how much success recorded. But beyond that he wanted to be clear that Davido has set the bas so high that most artistes would run under it. The competition has evolved, shifted class, its not with Drake, and after Drake, who knows where else.

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The crooner has been on fire in recent times with songs churning here and there, from Fia to Assurance and then One Ticket, which he did with Kiss Daniels. He is even looking to a collaboration with Patoranking very soon as he has announced in his social media page. But hold on a moment, what do you think of a Davido-Patoranking collaboration?

Well back to Davido and his challenges, we must not deny that he is making us proud overseas, that has not failed in finely sculpting our naija image on the grand Hall of Fame of global music. Drake! Here comes the naija boy! Be scared! Haha, drop your comments below.

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