Which is a bigger hit, Runtown’s “Mad over you” or Burna Boy’s “Ye” ?

“Mad Over You” till today remains Runtown’s biggest song, he released the song in 2016 and was in no doubt the biggest song of that year. “Mad Over You” after its release, became a major song not only in Nigeria but Africa and won Runtown a lot of awards. “Mad Over You” will definitely be up there as one of the biggest afrobeats songs ever produced.

However, just two years after, Burna Boy came with the biggest song of 2018, “Ye.” This song was off Burna Boy’s “Outside” album but became a monster jam like it was released as a single. “Ye” like “Mad Over You” did to Runtown, won Burna Boy loads of awards and established the singer as an “African Giant,” the song travelled far & wide and became an anthem for almost everyone.

We understand that both songs are great in their own way, but an argument has erupted over here as to which is the bigger song.

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Some think it is “Mad Over You” while others feel “Ye” is bigger and this is not making us arrive at a dead end. So in order to put the argument to bed, we have decided to seek you guys’ opinion on the topic; “Mad Over You” VS “Ye,” – Which is a bigger song?

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