What you should know about the crazy dance move ‘Shaku Shaku’

In case you’re acquainted with Nigerian music, you’ll have seen there is a long history of having the capacity to make a hit musically when you have a decent dance move to imbue into your song.

This trend can be traced to the times of Olu Maintain hit, ‘Yahoozee’. I bust some smooth moves with my young men back in school whenever the song comes up amid our school get-together. ‘Yahoozee’ was tremendous, mostly because of the dance steps. You needed to raise your head to a specific edge while musically pushing your hands noticeable all around with fingers pointed upwards, you complete it by raising one leg at your comfort zone. That was ‘Yahoozee’ in full show, it wasn’t only a song or a vibe, there was a unique dance for it.

The trend has not changed at all, you’ll absolutely recall Iyanya’s ‘Kukere’ upheld by a decent arrangement of waist shaking and feet stamping.

So there is this trending dance move called ‘Shaku Shaku’. The development is insane and it’s truly extremely hot in the city, bar houses and clubs. The ‘Shaku Shaku’ trend started at some point in the last quarter of 2017, all thanks to Olamide ‘WO’ which pushed the trend move. In 2018 ‘Shaku Shaku’ is a full fever one you may even need an instructional exercise to learn.

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Each youthful Nigerian who is socially ‘woke’ thinks about this viral move steps. Some can pull it off easily while others simply suck at it. Our celebrity have had the fun going as they attempt to outdo one another doing the ‘Shaku Shaku’ thing.

A flashback to 2016, this was an average year when mid rhythm jams fit the bill to become hit songs, we had ‘Pana’, ‘Leg Over’, ‘Mama’ by Kiss Daniel. 2017 was dedicated the time of the ‘Pon’ sound with good songs like ‘IF’, ‘Gaaga Shuffle’, ‘Mama’, ruling the airwaves. As this year keeps on unfurling, it appears we will see a greater amount of ‘Shaku Shaku’ as a major themes for songs being made throughout the year.

Presently, trendsetting Olamide has drawn the primary blood with his now humming melody ‘Science Student’ and ‘C’Ronaldo“. Reminisce has ‘Problem‘ and D’banj simply put out ‘Issa Banger’. All the songs mentioned above have the ‘Shaku Shaku’ subject, which means you can pull the correct dance move to go with these songs.

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To the extent the theory goes, we can argue that ‘Shaku Shaku’ is rapidly pushing out all that’s left of the ‘Pon’ sound. Sooner or later, it would turn into the format for any singer who needs to make a acceptable song or better still a raving success.

How Do You Dance ‘Shaku Shaku’?

It is silly discussing ‘Shaku Shaku’ without specifying how to dance or make the moves.

First of all make sure you’re listening to a song that goes well will the ‘Shaku Shaku’.

The dance starts with the dancer standing legs astride. Then a false or incomplete ‘leg over’ move is made to right side and to the left side with hands marginally crossed. The upper trunk of the body moves slightly in rhythm in either direction of the leg work. This false ‘leg over’ mark is done at least three times on either legs before making this hand movement like you’re pulling a generator cord.  You take a quick squat once or twice while pulling out either legs and then rising up. Continue above routine.

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