Veteran Afro, Juju and Highlife Musicians in Nigeria part 2

Victor Uwaifo: Musicians are writers – The Sun Nigeria

#Sir Victor Uwaifo

Prof. Sir Victor Uwaifo was not just a musician, he was a sculptor and musical instrument inventor. He began playing the guitar at an early age and his music was influenced by Spanish and Latin American music. While he was in school, he was a band member and was known to be a contemporary of Segun Bucknor in those days.

After he left his hometown for Lagos, he played in bands and jam with other musicians like Olaiya’s All Stars band. He also played with E.C. Arinze’s highlife at night shows and had worked with Stephen Osadebe and Fred Coker before he formed his own band.

Victor Uwaifo became very famous after his band made the hit song ”joromi”.  another hit song to his name is “Guitar Boy” and “Mami Water” which he said was inspired by an encounter with a mermaid while lounging on Bar Beach, Lagos.


How Oliver De Coque most kept secret took him to early grave | National Daily Newspaper

#Oliver de Coque

Oliver De Coque started music very early, he was taught to play the guitar by a Congolese guitarist called Piccolo who was then living in Nigeria. He was an apprentice to juju stars Sunny Agaga and Jacob Oluwale. Before his early 20’s, he was a star. He formed his band group called Ogene sound super of Africa, he recorded about 95 music album and became popular after he released ”Messiah Messiah” in 1977.

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He was considered to be one of the most flamboyant Igbo Highlife musicians, his music was a blend of modern high life and traditional Igbo music. His song received massive radio play throughout 1981 he was known to sing praise songs for individuals, dignitaries, and clubs. He also played on Prince Nico Mbarga’s album Sweet Mother


Highlife veteran, Victor Olaiya, exits the stage on health grounds | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsSaturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

#Victor Olaiya

Victor Abimbola Olaiya was regarded as one of the pioneers of Highlife music in Nigeria and was tagged as “The Evil Genius of Highlife”. He was a very famous with the trumpet. After arriving in Lagos for studies, he pursued music instead of civil engineering against his parent’s wish. He joined a lot of music band while in school, he leader and trumpeter for the Old Lagos City Orchestra also part of the Bobby Benson Jam Session Orchestra, he also played for Sammy Akpabot Band

He later formed his band ‘the Cool Cats’ which was later renamed to ‘All Stars Band’. His band was chosen to play for at the state ball when Queen Elizabeth II of the UK visited Nigeria in 1956, and he also played when Nigeria gained independence.

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Olaiya also trained popular drummer Tony Allen and Fela Kuti in his group.

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