Tips in choosing the perfect background music for your video

Before creating a successful video, there are some important element to look into. Music can have a massive impact the mood of your video, and that, in turn, can have an effect on its success.  

Think about one of your favourite online videos. Sure, the acting may grab your attention, and the message might be interesting, too, but what might probably be catchy more than anything else was the music. 

If you’re looking for some advice on how to choose music for your video, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. To choose the perfect music for your video, just follow the tips below. 

Know the Message Your Video Aims to Send 

Before delving into the world of royalty-free production music, you need to be familiar with the message you want your video to send.

To have a better view, ask yourself the following questions: 

What is the purpose of the video? 
Is it supposed to entertain, or provide information?
What is the pace of the video?
Does it move slowly, or quickly?
Does it aim to promote a specific product, or highlight your brand? 

Once these questions are answered, it should be easier to begin to determine the type of music your video needs. Remember: you don’t want the music to be the only thing about your video that anyone remembers. It should add to the mood and not detract from it, but you don’t want it to steal the show, either. 

Know What Type of Music Will Appeal to Your Target Audience  

When choosing the right music for your video, you want to think about your target audience and what’s going to appeal to them. If you plan to market your video to millennials, choose something that will appeal to them specifically. Do your research, and you’ll be that much more likely to be successful. 

Do You Want to Have Music Through the Duration of the Video, or Intermittently? 

The purpose, intent, and style of your video should determine how you use the music you choose to pair with it. For example, if you’re going to be promoting a corporate video, you’re unlikely to require music through the duration of the video. In this case, you can use music in the beginning and end of the video – like a bookend. If you’re working on a car commercial on the other hand, you’ll likely want to have music throughout. 

What Mood Should the Music Have? 

Again, the type and style of video you’re working on should help to determine the mood of the music. If you’re trying to emphasize the cool, exciting features of a new car, you’re going to want to choose music for your video that highlights the pace and feel of the video. If you’re working on a slow, sombre video, choosing something mellow (and potentially downbeat) to complement the tone is a good idea. 

To Go Vocal, or No?  

Is your video an interview? Is there a lot of dialogue? If so, using music with vocals is only going to detract from the message of the video. If you’re really itching to use a song that features vocals, ensure that they will align with the video itself, and its target audience, too. 


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