Three Reasons Why Kizz Daniel “Fvck U” Might Be A Diss To Chidinma

This is so unsual of Kizz Daniel as he releases a new song months after dropping an album “No Bad Songs,” even though when majority of the tracks in the album is still getting massive airplay, do you really think there’s a need for new singles?

But guess the singer has a urgent diss message to pass to some colleague in the industry as his new song Fuck You contains some heavy dissing to his mates, most especially Chidinma.

Below are 3 reasons Kizz Daniel new single “Fvck You” might be a diss song to the lady he once rumored to be having an affair with, Chidinma.

1. SEBI NA ME DEY FIND SISI YELLOW :We all know CHIDINMA is light skinned and SISI YELLOW is used for a light skinned girl in Yoruba language.

2: WIZZY FVCK YOU : He is trying to refer to CHIDINMA and WIZZY Having a sexual relationship. Recall that CHIDINMA and WIZZY have once been rumored to have a relationship before.

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3: TEKNO FVCK YOU : He is referring to tekno and Chidinma sexual relationship..Recall that TEKNO and Chidinma used to be an item before he was with Lola Rae.

Download and listen to Kizz Daniel’s “Fvck You”

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