The impact of African sound on World music

African is more than a culture, a people. We are more tan the total way o life. Africa is life and its impact on contemporary/global culture can’t be overstated.


A lot of folks out there would argue that the present culture encompassing African nations are a consequence of secularization and colonization. I do concur that these have affected our technological advancements; the world has turned out to be increasingly globalized. All things considered, I beg to argue that the African culture in its essence goes beyond a hybrid definition. Because you’re African, your enchantment can’t be reclassified by anything else. African magic is magic. African culture runs deeper than the Challenger Deep. Her underlying foundations are attached to encounters that have reproduced reality, history that currently impacts future decisions.

African sound is jumping towards Afro beats with artists like Wizkid driving the ship. Te beauty of it is how some of the world best pop artists including Drake embrace these customary African sound to their music. Beyonce and various artists without a doubt fused the components of African tradition in their music that goes beyond sound. This incorporates dressing, innovativeness in their video and in addition, their style. What do you expect? Their roots are attached to Africa all after all. 80 percent of musical legends are Africans. 70 percent of the sort after musical records were set by Africans.

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While we celebrate our roots, culture and customs, we must also celebrate our accomplishments. For we are Africans and regardless of the imperfections in our past, present or future, we will keep on being relentless. Let us not forget that the world belongs to those who wish to own it. I find my African acquaintances walking this path, are you?

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