The four P’s of playing live shows: Post Show

The “Four P’s” is a term used to describe the traditional Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. We’re borrowing from that expression to talk about the Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Preparation, Promotion, Performance, and Post-Show. This post will cover the things that you can be doing as a live performer to maximize each show.

1. Go greet fans after performance

Right after performance, don’t go hide backstage. The days of elusive rock stars is over, and the new music industry is all about connecting directly and physically with your fans. Yes, you can do that on social media, but nothing beats meeting your fans in person, where you can really strengthen those connections.

So even though you might be tired, and you have to work early the next day, instead of having a drink backstage and then heading home, go straight to the merch table to hang out, and stay there until every fan has left.

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2. Show appreciation to the staff

Before vacating the venue of the show, be sure to personally thank the soundman, bartenders, wait staff, and booker (if they’re at the show). Shake their hands and thank them for the opportunity to perform at their venue. This goes a long way in developing a strong relationship with the venue and the staff.

3. Thank other bands that performed 

Don’t forget to thank the other bands that performed that night. Creating a strong sense of community with other bands is never a bad thing, and acknowledging their performance goes a long way to developing and strengthening those relationships.

4. Load-up and leave on time

Don’t overstay your welcome at the venue. If they close at a certain time, make sure you’re out the door at that time. After a long night, it can be demoralizing for staff to stay later, especially if people aren’t buying drinks or food anymore, but simply hanging out and chatting.

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5. After party

You can take the direct-to-fan relationship even further and organize an after party. Invite fans to go out for drinks or a bite to eat after your show and get to know them even better.

Post-Show Marketing

It might sound strange to continue marketing after your show, but to complete the full promotional cycle for a live show, there are a few things you can do in the days following to get the most impact for your show:

Thank fans on Twitter & Facebook

The night of or day after your show, post a short thank you note on Facebook & Twitter. Photos tend to get more likes, shares, and re-tweets, so include a nice photo of your band performing along with the

Send a thank you note to everyone who signed up to your mailing list

A mailing list is still the best way to stay in touch with your fans, so treat those email addresses like gold. In the days following your show, send a personal thank you note to everyone who signs up to your list.

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