Teni’s New Single; “Party Next Door,” A Wrong Move

Exceptional would be an understatement in terms of qualifying Teni’s ability, she’s is an extraordinary singer, brilliant composer and an all around super talented woman. She gained the heart of music fans last year with an awesome display that dished out hits upon hits. After a good 2018 where she was able to build a fan base for herself and her talent, music lovers have been waiting and counting down to a time when she would finally drop her first single of 2019.

January passed without a thing dropping from her, likewise February as well without us having to hear Teni on her own song and many music lovers are wondering what might be holding back on dropping a new single could be as a result of her on-going tour, which could mean having any song from her might be after she completes the tour, which probably could be in another month. But in a “move to downplay our thought,” she dropped a new single titled; “Party Next Door” on the 14th of March, 2019.

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Her new release is already generating mixed reactions from her fans and music lovers in general as they feel the song pattern is not one for the Nigerian market and they fear it won’t make an impact like her the ones she has previously dropped.

In conformity with the notions of these music fans, the song is a beautiful song and it once again puts her music talent to the fore and projects her versatility in doing music. But this song is just a wrong move to start 2019 after an awesome 2018 and i feel it won’t do up to the level her previous songs have done.

I see this song pattern in the light of Wale’s 2017 song, “Sweet Love” ft Major Lazer, Wizkid and Dua Lipa which was a really nice song but refused to become a song that the Nigerian people could vibe to.

Teni’s “Party Next Door” has a Carribean feel. The beat and other instruments in the song look like what an American female singer would be willing to jump on. This song would do better on the American scene than how it would do in Nigeria and that’s because the music artistes and listener’s over there are more exposed and educated musically than Nigerians. I just feel this song should have been part of a strategy to push her to the international market and not be the first single of the year she would be dropping for Nigerians. Wrong move!

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“Party Next Door” is of course a beautiful song, but i do not think many other Nigerian music listeners would love this and even if they do love it, i don’t think it is what they will be excitedly willing to listen to when a chance to pick a favourite song that they wish will be played is given.

The song might eventually become a hit, but it’s an extremely slim chance that it will happen. It will be a song that will be loved, but definitely won’t be a hit like “Fargin,” “Askamaya,” “Case” & “Uyo Meyo” were.

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