5 biggest songs to ever come out of Nigeria?

Nigerian music industry has witnessed so many great songs released by various musicians in recent years, many of them which have become the anthem of the general public in which when you hear them, you’d have no choice but to either sing, mime or dance along. These songs have...

What you should know about the crazy dance move ‘Shaku Shaku’

In case you’re acquainted with Nigerian music, you’ll have seen there is a long history of having the capacity to make a hit musically when you have a decent dance move to imbue into your song. This trend can be traced to the times of Olu Maintain hit, ‘Yahoozee’....

Unforgivable errors from ‘Headies’ 2018 nominees list

It’s no more news that the organizers of Nigeria biggest award show, ‘the Headies,’ have settled their difficulties and are set to host the 12th edition of the show. A year ago, the Headies Awards did not come around as many would have expected. The organizers put out a...