So Surprised How Ghanaians Love Nigerian Music – Mike Abdul

Nigerian Gospel singer, Mike Abdul, who was recently in Ghana with his music group, Midnight Crew, has revealedxx about his stay in the West African country.

Mike also, talked about Ghanaian love for Nigerian music amongst many other things.

Read his interview with Sunday Scoop below

What exactly was the purpose of your trip to Ghana?

I travelled with my music group, Midnight Crew, to minister at Pastor Mensah Otabil’s church.


What were the similarities you noticed between Nigeria and Ghana?

I visited a market in Accra and I was amazed when I heard Tope Alabi’s music. I think they love Nigerian music a lot, so most of the places one goes to, you’re likely to hear Nigerian songs, even the very old tunes by people like Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade.


What impressed you most about Ghana?

In that regard, I would compare the country to South Africa because that is where impresses me most in Africa. They think out of the box and they don’t let their black skin define them as people who are suffering. Even if we are struggling as a people, we don’t have to look it. We should try to look like what we hope to be and I think Ghana is doing well in that aspect. There is more serenity and orderliness in Ghana than Nigeria. People obey traffic laws and things are relatively more peaceful.

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Did you experience any culture shock?

No, I didn’t.


Did you meet anybody who recognised you as a singer?

Yes, I did. There is a big banquet hall in the hotel where we gather to eat every morning. A lot of people walked up to me there and said they see me on their TV screens.

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