Skales career summarized in 5 songs

Skales only wrongdoing was being a label mate with Wizkid and from that point forward, Nigerians have declined to give him due credit and affirmation. They continually contrast his career with Wizkid’s own and for some reasons obscure to us they continue disregarding him despite the fact that he’s been exceptionally predictable dropping hits all over.

Skales deserves some accolades and as we all know, he’s a topnotch Afropop vocalist who has a talent for featuring the right artists to make his track a hit, however before Skales was an Afropop artist he used to be a hardcore rapper who even played with afro-rock a bit. Despite the fact that today isn’t Thursday we chose to toss it back to when he began and perceive how much he’s developed musically.

1. Laba Laba

Most people never got to see this side of Skales, in this track where he was featured by Samklef, Skales showed us his vocal prowess and also cleared us that he’s quite versatile and can deliver even if the track is an electric rock song.

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2. My Baby

Apart from being a good vocalist, Skales started out as a hardcore rapper and he showed us a bit of that in this track. He had a lot of other tracks where he showed us how dope a rapper he was but for some weird reasons Nigerians prefered him as a singer.

3. Komole

He then gave Nigerians what they wanted and switched to full-time singing with little to no rap in between. Nigerians loved it and it seemed to be working for him. Still, Skales didn’t get the respect he deserved.

4. Shake Body

According to some, they would say this was Skales breakout song, well, this is true. This song was a hit in Nigeria and was on replay in all the clubs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The song was so good he did a French version for the Francophone countries in Africa.

5. Temper Remix ft. Burna Boy

Skales evolved a bit from his Shake body style of music and he shows that in his track ‘Temper’ where he featured Burna boy. This ‘feel good’ melodious track had everyone nodding and shaking their heads, even though critics argue that it was Burna boy who made the track a hit.

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