Simple tips to stay safe during a musical concert

Every year, thousand of concerts, event and festival are held nationwide, if you choose to go have some fun at one this concerts, you should be security conscious and do what will keep you safe and healthy to avoid telling stories that touch!

Below are four simple ways ways you can prevent yourself from been harm wile still having plenty of fun.

Do not go alone

It’s always advisable that you go out with your family members or friends, so someone can be sure looking out for you and vice versa.

This helps you make sure the whereabouts of every individual in the group is known at all times and it makes you look out for negative signs or illness that may happen along the course of the event.

Drink sufficient water

We all know how hot our sun is here compared to the abroad. And while this may seem inconsequential, avoiding dehydration or heatstroke will go a long way to keeping you healthy.  Drink plenty of water as much as you are drinking alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

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Always obey the law and don’t indulge unnecessarily

You shouldn’t indulge in habits you don’t normally do just because you are at an event. Also, when people are breaking the law, it is better to look away rather than joining them. Obey the law because if by chance the police come to ‘pack boys and girls’ that are breaking the law (maybe smoking marijuana or inciting violence,) they will carry you too regardless of whether it is your first time. All because you joined them!

Also, be sure to listen to and follow announcements made over loudspeakers so that you will know what to do in case of an emergency.

Avoid damaging your hearing

As we all know, music concerts are always a loud one, and this can have an negative effect on your hearing both now and in the nearest future (because let’s face it, there’s nothing cool about wearing hearing aids).

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If possible, try to avoid standing close to the loud speakers, and if you have to, don’t stand there for too long because you can develop headaches or have that ringing in your ears. Over the long term, you could permanently damage your hearing.

In fact, it would be advisable you bring along earplugs if you are seated close to the stage.

Of course, it is vitally important to know when to get help when you are at a music festival. If you feel a little off or if one of your friends or someone around you is beginning to act strange, it is time to head to the medical tent or alert authorities. Medical personnel would rather reassure you that everything is fine than have to treat critical conditions. When you know how to stay safe at your favourite event, you can settle in and have a great time.


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