Simple tips to become a freestyle lord

Freestyling is no child’s play. Good rappers are known for their freestyle skills. While a few others are known for other skills like wordplay, delivery, and storytelling. Rappers like Jay Z, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Ruggedman & Vector Tha Viper are known for their ability to freestyle.

Below are some tips to become a freestyle lord

1. Relax and find a comfort zone

As a rapper, you will always be asked to burst for your friends or for your fans. It could be at a radio station, a show or even on a red carpet. First and foremost, relax and take a little time to think of starting with a line that can strike a listener.

When you are asked to freestyle, you have to collect your energy and analyze the instrumental given to you. You don’t have to rush no matter the hype in the moment. Don’t try to wolf the beat with a quick tempo style like Sarkodie when you know that you aren’t a Pro. Make yourself comfortable and do it at your own pace, on your own terms.

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2. Biting lyrics from your already released song

That is one of the mistake many rappers in Nigeria make today. These rappers are called up to freestyle at a radio station or at an event, the shocking aspect is that they start reciting the lyrics from a previously released verse. Avoid using the song lyrics of a song which you have done before. The aim of freestyle is to impress with new “made-up” material.

3. Ask For Words

Asking the audience for words is allowed, that is why it is called a freestyle. What makes you a true rapper is creativity, using words from the audience makes you stand out as a among other emcees.

Kendrick Lamar asks for words when he freestyles and even Vector asked for words when he rapped for 2 Hours and 30 Minutes at the Rhythm FM Rap Fury. So it isn’t a crime if you ask for words to Freestyle when you are called upon to freestyle. Using this trick alone will make your job much easier. And its not even as hard as it sound, you are afforded time to think while the excited audience scamper to nominate a word to you.

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4. Give It Your Best Shot

Ask your favorite rappers and they will tell you that “freestyle no be beans o”. For you have a fighting chance against an adversary, you need to try the hardest. Its all about the approach, you need to have the attitude of a champ. No rapper knows the end of his freestyle from the beginning; but you can work it all the way down. Its kind of like digging a hole till you find the cricket.

The same principle applies here, you have to apply intelligence as a rapper since it is what you didn’t prepare for. Even before you spit your first bar, be sure to start thinking of the next series of lines.

This principle holds the secret of Jay Z skill; one of the finest freestyle rappers in rap history. Whenever he is done with line one, he still flows with ease because he has already structured the next set of words to use.

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5. Morale Booster

You need to learn how to look out for physical objects that can serve as a morale booster to your flow. Firstly, you must observe the environment and capitalize on it to make your freestyle performance more tantalizing, appealing and intoxicating. Many times, pro freestyle rappers make out whole topics from nothing but the objects lying around. It is possible to intoxicate people with your performance when they get carried away with your flow.

This is what to do to keep the hearts of the fans and viewers glued to your delivery. You have to look around for things in the environment, you can look at the mic and say “I’m so dangerous, my tongue is a venom spiller, the Microphone’s scared coz I’m just a Mic killer’‘. This alone will keep people’s ears fixed on your wordplay and delivery.

Source: Hiphophead

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