Rema, Barry Jhay, And Fireboy!!! Who Is Underrated, Worth The Hype, And Overrated ?

2019 is surely the year of various hot-coming artists in Nigeria as a large chunk have made it through one or two hit singles, numbers don’t lie though.

This has made a lot of music spectators draw comparisons between these upcoming acts and some top acts with some music lovers  tagging this artists as heir to Wizkid and Davido when the duo decides to call it a quit.

However the likes of Rema, Barry Jhay, and Fireboy have been the one topping the list of 2019 new acts that have gotten more attention.


He came like a thief in the night but he is surely the playcard introduced by Don Jazzy. Came with a monster hit “Dumebi“ and he gained everyone’s attention with Dumebi.

At a point people hailed him to be new Wizkid on the block. He is not often seen but trust when we say Rema has got the juice.

Barry Jhay

There is this thing about talent, when you see it, you will recognize it. Barry Jhay came to the last two years when he did “Aiye”

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Barry Jhay has been the sauce and the juice of the industry with his voice and uniqueness. He has gotten attention from the top artistes in the country with his talent


He has been one of the most hardworking among them, though a new sensation on the the block and his song “Jealous” is definitely one of the strongest contender for the song of the year.

However Fireboy has got quite a controversial career and year so far but believe me. He has got his song on the lips of every one in the country.

Perhaps, I’ll like to throw it out to us all, to get this case settled right now because there is surely is one of these 3 dudes who fall in the category of underrated, worth the hype, and overrated.

So Guys

Rema,Barry Jhay, And Fireboy Who Do You Think Is Underrated, Worth The Hype, And Overrated

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