Open Letter To Hotcoming Artistes

Open Letter To Upcoming Artistes & The Rest Of Them. Reacting to the video that X-ray the pathetic-ism that ushered the Ex-YBNL affiliate, Pelepele into Sucidal conclusion of his life’s journey, It is imperative i say this to Over-expectant Indie/Upcoming Artistes and the rest of them.

Getting a record deal with a reputable record company is not an automatic ticket to stardom but a corridor to mini associative fame/attention which in conjunction with acceptable works could lead you to stardom.

More-so, we must at all cost get rid of that arrival mentality/syndrome which invariably leads to a lackadaisical state of lukewarmness in our artistry when we get signed, because that’s just the beginning of your voyage as a professional Artiste.

To be candid and blunt on this, that time of your latent career you get signed to a big label is about the most critical and defining time of your career, If you ask me i will tell you to work and pray thrice the way you use to previously before you got signed because if you fail whether as a result of the Record company’s shortcomings or yours.

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Firstly, other contemporary reputable record companies will hardly consider your brand afterwards, instead they will prefer a fresher who has not ‘wasted’ any Record company’s resources before.

Secondly, a vast majority of the audience/public would be quick to conclude that you are not good enough since you couldn’t breakthrough with an opportunity offered by a record label of that caliber.

Going forward, I’m urging every prospective signee without being desperate, to do everything non-diabolic and non-illicit to emerge victorious even if it takes spending the little you have on some strategic promotional moves the label obligatorily should have done.

One more thing be focused and optimistic but be wise enough as well to have a “plan B” because Music Business is a “Casino”. Deliver your unit my brother, some big opportunities na setup! #avoiddepression #saynotosuicide RIP Pelepele.

Writer: Henry Jones

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