NEMA alerted on capability crisis as Cameroon build to open Lagdo dam

NEMA alerted on capability crisis as Cameroon build to open Lagdo dam

Within the letter signed by the ministry’s director of African affairs, Umar Salisu, NEMA is entreated to take proactive measures to mitigate the unfavorable results that the action may perchance per chance well additionally fill in Nigeria, especially in communities alongside the Niger and Benue river and its tributaries.

“In maintaining with the repeat, it’s miles pertinent to repeat that as soon as the birth of water turns into mandatory, the authorities of the Lagdo Dam will most certainly be releasing most attention-grabbing a modulated variable miniature quantity of water at a time in list to mitigate and steer particular of damages that the launched water may perchance per chance well additionally just build off alongside the River Benue basin in each and every Cameroon and in Nigeria.

“In predict of the above, it can perchance well be liked if the esteemed agency takes the total mandatory proactive steps and actions that can mitigate the whine as smartly as sensitise the populace residing in such areas for vigilance and all mandatory precautions,” the letter learn.

Northern Cameroon has just as of late borne the brunt of heavy rainfall, ensuing in rising water stages within the Lagdo dam. The dam on the Benue River serves as a truly significant reservoir, offering water for irrigation, vitality skills, and flood defend an eye on.

On the opposite hand, as water stages reach severe parts, the Cameroonian authorities fill decided to open the dam’s gates to birth extra water to safeguard the dam’s structural integrity and the encompassing areas from capability flooding.

The recurring opening of the dam, ensuing in a flooding crisis in communities alongside the Niger and Benue rivers, has change into an downhearted and anticipated characteristic of Nigeria’s moist season.

Moreover, it exposes the underlying challenges posed by infrastructure deficit, lack of fine planning, inadequate drainage programs, poorly designed waterways, and inadequate flood defend an eye on infrastructure, which go many areas liable to the devastating results of flooding.

Even if NEMA has no longer launched official knowledge regarding its plans to tackle the aptitude crisis, it just as of late reconvened the Emergency Coordination Forum (ECF).

The forum consists of severe companies within the prediction and administration of natural disasters, reminiscent of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET), Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Meals Safety, World Meals Programme (WFP), and rather quite a lot of companies.

The reconvening of the Emergency Coordination Forum may perchance per chance well additionally ticket a commitment to collaborative crisis administration, info-pushed decision-making, and proactive suggestions, which would be a radical departure from the earlier instruct of Nigeria’s emergency administration sector, tormented by inadequate info, inefficient distribution of relief objects, and sluggish responses to life-threatening crises.

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