Medical, dental consultants slump planned nationwide strike

Medical, dental consultants slump planned nationwide strike

The choice became once segment of the resolutions reached by MDCAN and contained in its communique issued at the dwell of its thirteenth biennial delegates meeting held in Kano.

MDCAN president Aminu Muhammad stated on story of of the charm by the successfully being minister, the affiliation resolved to develop the ultimatum by three months.

“We resolved to develop the ultimatum to permit the federal authorities to contend with your entire pending disorders,” stated Mr Muhammad. “If the authorities fails to contend with these calls for at the dwell of the three months, we can chase forward with our next line of action.”

Regarding brain drain within the scientific sector, Mr Muhammad defined that accessible info uncover that over 500 extremely trained doctors and consultants have left Nigeria.

Mr Muhammad appealed to the federal authorities to urgently provide a holistic solution to the challenges of brain drain, which must consist of incentives to lend a hand retention of the already depleted successfully being care human resources in Nigeria.

“Serious stakeholders in scientific education must work collectively to vogue out sustainable pathways for improving the quality and quantity of scientific and dental graduates in Nigeria,” stated Mr Muhammad.

Mr Muhammad referred to as on the authorities at all phases to place scientific education via improved infrastructure, sufficient funding and remuneration for group.

On August 23, the council issued a 21-day ultimatum to the federal authorities to meet its calls for or face industrial disharmony. MDCAN NEC stated it became once dismayed by the non-implementation of the collectively agreed upward overview of CONMESS and the introduction of accoutrement allowance with the Nigerian Medical Association, as the launched circular most sharp captured the proportion amplify on the basic wage, as in opposition to applying it to each and every the basic salaries and all allowances with the exception of hazard allowance.

This error, the council stated, resulted within the entire exclusion of the scientific lecturers (Honorary Consultants) from profiting from the upward overview.

It stated despite its decision to rob care of faith with the engagement and negotiations with the National Salaries Incomes and Wages Rate for bigger than two years referring to the correction of the shortfalls in remuneration for scientific lecturers (honorary consultants), the subject is yet to be conclusively addressed by the federal authorities,” it illustrious.

The council stated it noticed the non-standard implementation of CONMESS for all scientific and dental doctors whatever the agencies of the authorities they’re working with.

The council decried the failure of the authorities to adore the magnitude of the impacts of brain drain within the successfully being sector, as exhibited by the refusal of the National Council on Establishment to approve the federal ministry of successfully being’s proposal on the upward overview of the age of retirement for the scientific and dental consultants and assorted successfully being group.

The consultants are, on the replacement hand, disturbing the instantaneous overview of the newly revised CONMESS circular and issuance of a fresh circular that might well replicate the agreed percentage on the basic wage and assorted allowances, besides hazard allowance.

In accordance with them, the overview will make sure that that the scientific lecturers gather pleasure from the upward overview. Assorted calls for consist of a call for correcting the error of commencement of the implementation of the upward overview of CONMESS from June 1, 2022, to January 2023.

The upward overview of the CONMESS, they stated, must set in thoughts the impacts of the gasoline subsidy putting off and the excessive inflationary vogue that is currently being experienced.

They also demanded the instantaneous implementation and circularisation of the agreed modalities for correcting the shortfalls in remunerations of scientific lecturers (honorary consultants).


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