How Gov. Uzodinma’s Authorities Destroyed Imo Zoo To Sell Land To Cronies For Non-public Properties, Tried To Induce Me – Ex-Zoo GM

How Gov. Uzodinma’s Authorities Destroyed Imo Zoo To Sell Land To Cronies For Non-public Properties, Tried To Induce Me – Ex-Zoo GM

He alleged that even though the abductors confessed, the relate police commissioner launched them with out submitting any costs in court in opposition to them.

Governor Hope Uzodinma’s administration destroyed the Imo Dispute Zoo and Wildlife Park in Owerri to promote the land to his cronies and political mates, SaharaReporters has learnt.

SaharaReporters gathered that the multi-million-naira facility within the relate capital used to be destroyed by the administration of Uzodinma despite court judgments barring him from taking any meander on the power.

Giving insight into the destruction of the power, the ragged In vogue Manager of the Wildlife Conservation Agency – Imo Dispute Zoo and Wildlife Park, Mr Francis Abioye suggested SaharaReporters in an peculiar interview that his existence and these of his family had been being threatened because he refused to fair assemble bribes the governor supplied him to fortify its destruction.

Abioye regretted that federal govt businesses that had been established to guard the ambiance equivalent to the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and Federal Ministry of Atmosphere did nothing to slay the destruction of the zoo and wildlife park.

He insisted that the destruction of the zoo had no approval letters and no finances and planning from any legitimate ministerial department sooner than it used to be destroyed with the hope that after they succeeded, the land may presumably perhaps presumably be shared with cronies.

He talked about, “As a consequence of my blunt refusal to compromise the ethics of carrier to guard the public sources from being plundered by the politicians, Governor Uzodinma sent assassins to put shut out my existence.

“The unlawful persecution meted out to me and my family and the next destruction and looting of public sources below me do no longer need been that it’s doubtless you’ll presumably perhaps presumably presumably factor in with out the connivance of Imo Dispute Police Commissioner, Mohammed Barde who has been the expend of Imo Dispute’s police machinery to develop the unlawful desires of the political actors within the relate the place the governor has made the supreme the enemy of the staunch.”

Explaining how the governor had promised that his govt would complete the upgrade of the products and companies to world requirements, Abioye talked about little did he know that his hobby used to be finest within the worth of the land.

“The Zoological Park Garden is within the city capital and their eyes are on the worth of the land; they do no longer seem like attracted to the near of the residing,” he talked about.

The positioning, he essential made it a excellent attraction for the governor and his political appointees to convert and acceptable to themselves to the detriment of the staunch folks of the relate.

Abioye essential that successive governments within the relate had invested carefully within the power to the extent that heaps of of millions of naira had been spent on building current enclosures for animals so that they’d no longer be in cages nonetheless regretted that all of them had been destroyed.

“He turned more promising that he used to be going to restore the grasp knowing, he used to be going to update it to world commonplace nonetheless the finest component he did is that he began to flip his insurance policies, telling me that we should always aloof cooperate so that they’d destroy the residing and convert it to private estates for politicians and their political allies.

“Because if he sells the land, the cost is over N30 billion, that is their hobby and in jabber that they had been no longer thinking of the long-term cost of the company. You bear in mind the actual fact that residing is a sensitive ecosystem that serves as watersheds which wall off gully erosion that threatens your complete of the metropolis. The residing serves as a carbon sink that absorbs your complete pollution – pollution is constantly concentrated within the city’s capital.

“In jabber that they do no longer seem like the local climate trade mitigation, the research and education capabilities? That residing is the finest conservation residing the place the youths and formative years unborn in Imo Dispute reach for their ecotourism education. That’s additionally the residing the place college students we’re coaching within the excessive establishment and non-professionals within the relate reach and end their industrial attachment and a couple of of them will doubtless be employed there. Now ending that residing is ending the memoir of conservation in Imo Dispute.”

“These are the things I suggested them as a legitimate,” Abioye outlined, adding that the govt. insisted on the destruction. “They supplied me a really big bribe which I rejected and so, it used to be because I rejected the bribe – this component used to be occurring for nearly one and half years.”

When asked to name the amount of money he used to be supplied as a bribe, he talked about, “The brokers of the govt. supplied me four plots of land that will most seemingly be my reduce and a blueprint of land there may be N80 million.

“Then they supplied me N40 million money. So, the rejection of all these inducements frustrated them and my refusal to cooperate with the committee. The governor in his office now talked about I should always aloof be phase of the committee to give the justification for the destruction of that residing and changing it into housing estates.

“Since I spoke with him (Governor) and I gratified him and he did not have to agree, so I refused to cooperate with the committee. When I couldn’t cooperate with the committee, he asked me to proceed on leave and it’s miles on another meeting now.

“Along with his political appointees, I suggested him, ‘Your Excellence, if you grant me leave indulge in this, this may mean there may be punitive measure nonetheless if you in actuality feel that I hang dedicated any offence, space up a panel, give them the terms of reference and if they rating me guilty, I may pay lend a hand to the relate.

“I may pronounce regret overtly and I may resign. He suggested me he used to be no longer ready for all this stuff; he wanted me to glorious fling on leave and that if I did not fling on leave it could in all probability presumably perhaps presumably be a crime, nonetheless I talked about no. He talked about I should always aloof glorious fling on leave and that that used to be what he wanted. He talked about even though I spent two years on leave, he may presumably perhaps presumably be paying my salary.”

“Originate you appreciate for over one one year now I hang been on indefinite leave, he has been paying my salary nonetheless he has destroyed your complete residing such that there may be nothing that I will meet but again if I resume,” he lamented. “That is the stage of impunity and he has destroyed your complete of that residing.”

“That you can hang heard about the giant evacuation of the animals in that residing, that used to be the process of the destruction. Then, moreover the animals within the cage, there are additionally animals within the institute conservation that are naturally within the endemic residing of massive forest – they destroyed the forest and allowed the animals to be hunted, and most of the animals escaped into farms of the folks inflicting a conservative be concerned now.

“Earlier than the govt. embarked on this political misadventure the Federal High Court gave judgment restraining the govt. from the power. He took the case to the Allure Court and the appellate court upheld the lower court decision. Originate you appreciate that after the Allure Court delivered its judgment; it used to be per week sooner than the election, he entered there with bulldozers and commenced destroying the residing?

“Thereafter, he took the topic to the Supreme Court and the apex court has no longer started sitting on the topic; he has started taking meander. Maintain you ever viewed the realm now? There had been things I analysed on the radio and he used to be no longer joyful because I used to be telling the folks what used to be going down. That used to be no longer a govt process, that used to be a fraudulent process by some politicians that used to be occurring at the power. Because govt process comes with approval in writing and it comes with finances.

“The entirety they are doing in that residing has no finances and did no longer emanate from the legitimate ministerial department. It glorious emanated from cabals and the politicians don’t hang any honest to destroy public sources of that form of magnitude.

“That is the finest surviving conservation heritage on your total South-East Nigeria. In jabber that they hang destroyed the residing, desiring to part the land among themselves. So, coming to uncover them is no longer going to be acceptable to them. It used to be for that reason they clamped down on Imo-essentially essentially based journalist, Nonso Nkwa after they succeeded in intimidating all diversified journalists.”

Linking the case to the kidnapping of his spouse from a church in 2022, Abioye talked about, “After they came to destroy me, I used to be no longer there. The gunmen had been meant to execute me nonetheless God in his wisdom took me some distance flung from the relate.

“After trying to rating me for three weeks and in jabber that they couldn’t rating me, they had been now suggested to kidnap my spouse and there’s no plan they will rating her diversified than in church. So that used to be why they went to the church.”

He alleged that even though the abductors confessed, the relate police commissioner launched them with out submitting any costs in court in opposition to them.

He talked about, “In jabber that they arrested all these boys and the governor mounted stress on the police to free up these kidnappers and the police launched them with out court trial so that they’d no longer uncover who sent them. That is what we’re telling the voters of Nigeria so that they will tag the impunity and impudence that is occurring in Imo Dispute.”

He accused the police commissioner of helping legal activities within the relate.

He talked about, “You understand if a baby-kisser is rotten and the security operatives are no longer compromising this may be minimal nonetheless Imo Dispute now has turned to a killing zone. One among basically the most uncertain things to complete in Imo Dispute now as a public servant is so that you just can be honest.

“Whereas you may very properly be honest, it’s doubtless you’ll presumably perhaps was the enemy of the relate and in jabber that they’ll glorious point at you. The following component it’s doubtless you’ll presumably perhaps hear is that unknown gunmen hang reach to execute the person or kidnapped the person. So, the stage of insecurity and oppression, and political assassination that is occurring in Imo Dispute is orchestrated thanks to the compromise of the present police commissioner. I’m accusing him because he launched the suspects who attempted to destroy me and kidnapped my spouse; they hang confessed.

“He launched them with out a court trial. When I called him, he asked – I hang this stuff on file – who suggested me that he had launched them. He suggested me to meet the IPO. So that is the style of rotten person we hang got there and that’s the explanation what made Imo Dispute now a killing enviornment. When you occur to may presumably perhaps very properly be following the construction of governmentalization of illegal activity.”

“They’ve destroyed your complete animal enclosures that heaps of of millions of naira had been spent to form,” he lamented.

In the meantime, efforts made by SaharaReporters to rating the response of the relate govt on the allegations had been unsuccessful as the Secretary to the Dispute Authorities Mr Cosmas Iwu, did no longer resolution his calls.

Moreover, the solutions commissioner, Declan Emelumba did no longer resolution his calls or answer to a text message sent to him.

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