Music as an effective tool in dealing with economic situation

No doubt, we miss the legendary of the great ‘Fela’ most especially in dealing with the current economic situation. One of the major reason the legend of Fela lives so long is that his music is politically motivated as he used his music to speak for the masses who doesn’t have the power to do whatsoever. About four decades now the political injustice and societal imbalance Fela sang about is still very much in display.

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Nigerian music has thrived beyond what the older generations witnessed ever since the dawn of the millennium.  The present generation of artists are coward and selfish to voice their opinion, they act like nothing is wrong. None of this artists are closer to being referred to as a legend like the great ‘Fela’. The legend was not a coward. Presently, artists are after commercial success and how to make money to maintain their lavish lifestyle, they neglect the power music gives to them in speaking for the masses.

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Making massive dance tunes helps us cope with our problems but it never erases it. We still wake up to it daily.


The only artist that come closer to hit the same spotlight as Fela is 2baba but he messed up his chances. He promised and showed support in anti-government protest only to pull out at night before the protest. He sighted “damage control” as the main reason behind the withdrawal.

2baba ought to have known before pulling out that the path he chose to follow was not an easy road.

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Challenges, threats should be well expected. We all know Fela had to deal with opposition, arrest, loss of property and his dear mother as he sought to be an agent of change.

Why are our Nigerian artistes only lending a voice against the current economic reality only on social media? Are they unaffected by the tide?

One touching reason our stars have taken the hustle abroad is because Nigeria can no longer cater enough for them anymore.

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Today Nigerian needs more than a social media protest messed up with hashtags as done by our celebrities which changes nothing. It’s time to put in more action than words and hashtags.

If anyone wants to emulate Fela Kuti it should be done both in words, music and actions.

Nigerian artistes need to build legacies beyond the music we love them for so they can also be referred to as a legend like the great “Fela”.


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