Iyanya Or Ycee, Who Would You Bring Back To Limelight If You Have The Power To?

Many artistes have come and gone in the Nigeria music scene, this is the reality of music not only in Nigeria, but globally.

We have witnessed a lot of Artistes that reached the peak of their musical career and months after, they had vanished off the scene due to one or other reasons

Some attained their peak and are still very much relevant because they always bring out what the public want, in terms of vibes, dance moves, tempo of song and mood. But when you begin to maintain your style of music while the listener changes their style, you might tend not to remain at the top, at the end it’s all about the listeners and what they want.

This could be said of the likes of ‘Kukere‘ crooner Iyanya and ‘Juice‘ hit singer, Ycee 

These two have actually done well for themselves in their musical career, they are super talented but they fail to change the kind of music they had a decline in their career after hitting the limelight

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I won’t deny the fact that Ycee released a couple of hits in 2018 such while Iyanya also did well when he released ‘Biko‘, but these were just songs that will hold the listeners for few weeks and after that they lose interest.

Probably they should ask Wizkid and Davido how they do it!!

After stating out the above 👇

Iyanya Or Ycee Who Would You Bring Back To Limelight If You Have The Power To?

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