Is Nas a Nigerian ?

One of the best rappers of all time, Nas has gained local & international recognition as a result of his unique rapping style and songwriting ability. He has encountered incredible success in his career, having dropped eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums. He has also had sales of over thirty million records acriss the globe. Some of his hiit albums include ‘Illmatic’ thats is widely regarded among the greatest hip hop albums of all time, ‘Stillmatic and Nastradamus.’He has often made headlines following his career achievements and equally his birth name which has prompted his fans questioning his Nationality. Even though the rapper has been to Nigeria and has performed with notable Nigerian artists but do his performances in Nigeria have any connection to the West Africa country ??

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Well, the question whether Nas is a Nigerian came about as a result of his name of birth. The versatile rapper was born on 14th Sep. 1974 in the United states to Charles Jones III known professionally as Olu Dara. His father who was born in Natchez, Mississippi moved to New York to where he began his musical career and likewise changed his name to a Nigerian Yoruba name – Olu Dara which means God is Good. According to reports, Nas’ father was given the name by a Yoruba priest whom he met with when he visited Nigeria. Nas mother wasn’t a Nigerian as well, she was a native of North Carolina and worked as a Postal Service Personnel before succumbing to breast cancer in 2002.

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Judging by his parents birth place and his own, Nas is really not a Nigerian. His father’s musical personality which is immersed in African American tradition has given rise to the conviction upheld by many that he’s of Nigerian descent and this is yet to be proved true as neither Olu Dara Jones has confirmed having ancestors from Nigeria.

Meanwhile. Nas’ birth nae does not only comprise of Nigerian names, but it also comprised of Arabic names; Nasir which means helper and protector and Bin, which means Son of. The talented rapper who is also and entrepreneur and investor has performed with Nigerian artists like Modenine & Elajoe, He was also amond the international artists that performed at the 2008 edition of the popular music concert, Star Mega Jam.

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