How long will Psquare duo go as solo artistes?

Music groups going other way is not a new thing in the industry. Flashing back, as the list is numerous, Plantashun Boiz, The Remedies, One Direction, well known labels, YMCMB, Mo’Hitz and so forth., sooner or later went into the thin air. Nonetheless, the Psquare case was quite different from the rest. Right off the bat, the gathering is comprised of two siblings, on the other hand they’re not the first music group made up of brothers, The Jackson Five, Jonas Brothers, The Corrs rapidly come into mind. Be that as it may, the more grounded holding component would be that Peter and Paul are twins – identical twins. They had a similar umbilical rope.

Just as the fans couldn’t hold the prospect of our dear Psquare music powerhouse coming apart, we learn how to deal with it as the separation has come to remain. A year ago the twins debilitated a split, fans cried, senior citizens mediated and they repaired broken fences and harsh patches. But this didn’t keep going long. We now talk about Psquare as an old music group. It’s extremely awful yet I figure Nigerians couldn’t care less any longer.

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Suppose the split has been fruitful, Peter Okoye passes by the moniker Mr P while his other twin and previous accomplice picks Rudeboy as a nickname. The two siblings have their individual record labels, and have additionally proceeded to sign artistes (very little have been heard about them) to those imprints. Paul possess Rudeboy Records while Peter heads a PClassic Records.

Right now it is survival of the fittest amongst Peter and Paul who as a duo, won awards, sold out super shows, conquered Africa and were the right direction to take it worldwide as far as the world goes. As there is with any separate, one individual proceeds to enjoy a merry solo profession after independence. I can’t resist the urge to imagine who amongst Peter and Paul proceeds to have a fairly productive solo music career.

What are the survival chances for Mr P and Rudeboy as solo artistes?

The fundamental truth is that Peter and Paul Okoye have returned to become an upcoming artistes with great experience and history. Paul amid social media battle and banter said his sibling was performing at beer palours in America. It has returned to the starting young men while they are both hitched men with kids.

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Peter’s Analysis 

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Out of the duo,  Peter is the more outgoing, he gains the media attention readily. He seems to be the more controversial one. In fact,  we pronounce Peter before calling Paul. Clearly, Peter shone progressively when there was Psquare,  his vitality in the gathering was apparent.

That makes it simple for him to proceed onward. He has the biggest web-based social networking following than his sibling Paul by millions. That may clarify why he has solo supports with KIA engines, Merrybet, Olympia Drain, another advanced dissemination bargain and so on. He resembles the D’banj of the Mo’Hitz period.

Peter’s prosperity after Psquare will on his personality and razzmatazz. He will at present cop more delicious arrangements yet I can’t say much in regards to his music. He has completed a couple of solo highlights.

Paul’s Analysis

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He calls himself Rudeboy, however there ain’t anything rude about his personality. The most variant thing about Paul would be his dreadlocks, he hasn’t been the one to be rude from the look of things.

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Fundamentally, Paul goes ahead as the timid person, the person who wants to work from in the background. So far amid the Psquare years he has suffered the eclipse from his brother’s extrovert tendencies.

In any case, his absence of a drawing personality might be his bane. On the other side may be his opportunity to have a performance sparkle where he takes all credits.

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