How do I brand my musical career as an independent artist?

There are thousands of ways you should approach, but if you can only use 25% of these approach you will see a great different in your music career, below are few tips that you can use or try.

1. Social media: “if social media should be a country; it will be the largest country” Most artist fail to understand the value of the social media that why they ignore it, having a brand social media pages on Facebook, twitter and Instagram will tell your fans that you are a mobile artist who is always on trending media.

2. Distributing your songs to online platforms: Yes, many of the individual artist are now using this media to market and brand their career, but putting your single for free downloads are not enough, you have to monetize your songs to digital stores, you as an individual artist may not have the strong fan base to buy your song now but what will happen if suddenly you enter the limelight.  Apart from earning from those online stores you still have benefit because thousands of individual / upcoming artist don’t do that, you have utilized that option of being on top on the game.

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3. Music videos: this is the main key to your success in the music industry. If you don’t have videos of your music I wonder what you are waiting for; you might not have the cash to call the best director in the industry but that director via your street can give you the best why not give him / her a try. Having a music video helps a lot to keep you ahead of the game.

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