How Adekunle Gold Photoshopped his way to fame, CNN

Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold is among the top artistes from the country currently making waves in the international entertainment arena. The mass media in Nigeria are also awash with this talented musician’s success story. He has just been featured on CNN’s African Voices, further showing how successful he has become.

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But before he began making hits and selling out shows, he came up with a clever way to get some buzz. According to the interview he grandmnted CNN, Adekunle Gold said to himself if people do not know him for his music yet maybe they could know him for something else first. He said he had popular artists he would have loved to get close to or even take a selfie with. That stirred up the creative idea to photo-shop his way into the life of those artistes.

He then decided to get into photos with great artistes as a way of riding his way to fame. He said he began with Tiwa Savage. He so much liked her music and wanted to take a photograph with her. He then photo-shopped his image into one of Tiwa’s photos. That looked beautiful. He then continued with others. And it worked.

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Today, Adekunle Gold is one of the most popular artistes in Nigeria. He also has a growing international fame.

Click here to Watch CNN’s African voices video to find out Adekunle Gold’s smart route to fame and success

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