Get your song on more playlist this year with this solid tips

Curators have a particular need on their mind when it comes to putting songs on their playlists and your song needs to meet the set standard to stand a chance to feature.

For your song to make the audience playlist, it must be play-worthy, in the sense that, it must fulfill the need of your audience members and keep them raving for more. Notwithstanding, getting your song to be added to the playlist isn’t just about making great music or promoting the sound through all channels, there are sure details that can help your song and make it more playlist well disposed. It is along this line we shall briefly talk about specific fundamental to accomplishing this.

As an artist, you ought to have it at the top of the priority list for your music to have playlist features i.e. short and straight to the point. Take for example, to make a radio playlist, certain edits are done. The process of making those ‘edits’ could be burdensome; hence, the radio stations leave the song off their playlist. Having shorter versions of the song is good, especially for radio listeners, who are not as patient to listen to the whole song.

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It is essential here to state obviously this isn’t to discourage the inventiveness of artistes or limit their melodic expression, what we have talked about so far is for melodic playlists.

You should consider the following when editing your song:

  • Song Length: Make sure the length of your edited song does not exceed 4 minutes. It might begin to bore your listeners after the 4-minute mark.
  • Song Intro & Outro: Ensure this does not exceed 15 seconds. Make it captivating and exciting.
  • Song Structure: Be sure to communicate what the song is about with a captivating hook or vocals. Keep your listeners in the groove of what you are singing.

Be sure to grab your audience attention with the intro in a manner that they’re not eager to skip your song. In doing this, the song must have a fantastic intro and the body of the song should lure them in for more.

The song should be able to sustain the attention of listeners, pass the 30-seconds mark, on a music streaming platform. Anything less will mean the song wasn’t streamed, hence, reducing your chances of making money off the song.

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Finally, it’s is important for musicians to make their songs playlist-friendly. The implication of this is that it positions you in good light within the radar of music curators.

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