Four reasons why Olamide is not as hard as he sounds

YBNL head honcho, Olamide Badoo is the Lagos bred ghetto kid who worked all his way into stardom as he made it out of the upcoming category to become a superstar. We cannot question his stats and record numbers, his achievements have come in in tidal waves.

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Granted, He’s is a humble guy. But for someone with the title of “Badoo”, there should be some level of cold-heartedness in his artistry.

He doesn’t really act the razzness and street-ness as he do sound in his song. This post is not a psalm of praise for the YNBL boss. We are here to give you four reasons why Olamide is not as hard as he sounds, checkout below.

1. He rather makes peace instead of dropping diss songs

Olamide Badoo went on stage to pull off something epic, and historic. Don Jazzy also helped in spicing it by offering a sarcastic reply. It set a stage for a mouth watering back and forth YNBL vs Mavin fantasy war.

In years, Nigerian hip hop hadn’t had a good label vs label beef in years, so it was crazy. We have been in the dark on a good beef and it looked like Olamide Badoo just brought the light back. We expected a Mavin diss track from YNBL given the depth of the beef. Mavin had only one rapper in Dr Sid; a wack rapper. So you know the “Olamide diss” reply would have been weak.

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It would have been great to see the likes of Lil Kesh & Reekado Banks throwing tantrum at each other and  Olamide doing a Mode 9 on Don Jazzy. But two days after the Headies incident, we were treated to an Instagram selfie of himself and Don Jazzy together in a parking lot. What happened? Badoo made peace obviously.

Olamide isn’t witty enough to sustain a potential protracted rap feud and its evident. Its not his thing so he’ll rather put out the fire before it starts.

2. Olamide Badoo doesn’t want to be in competition

Olamide doesn’t want you to comparing him to other people, not because of pride but because he’ll rather be safe. He doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of any backlash. He doesn’t want to start a cold war with any artiste either neither is he eager to clap back or throw shades like normal rappers do.

Example: Hushpuppi got an ass whopping after his rant about Nigerian artistes and fake jeweleries. He accused Ice Prince and Phyno of buying fake Patek wrist watches. Phyno came for him in full throttle and called out Hushpuppi directly.

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Remember when MTV compared his crew to P Square’s crew last month. He was the first to downplay the comparison by publicly suggesting that the twins were way ahead of him; in terms of exposure and achievement. This is true and honest, but will P Square do the same?

As a top Nigerian rapper, someone a lot of people already regard as the greatest, there should be some Level of ambition in his actions.

3. He is very content with what he’s got…and getting

Olamide does not want to spoil what he has by disturbing his already found structure. He is churning out hits every year. He has a knack for creating slangs and catchy phrases that hold our tongues really quick. The guy knows the street and he is feeding them with content. But the guy seems very comfortable with the spot he’s at right now.

If Sarkodie could go international with his Ghanaian flow then what stops Olamide Badoo from crossing these borders? A lack of ambition maybe. Going international could mean he has to alter his sound and ruffling a few feathers. And that could threaten his relationship with his darling street fan base. Not everyone can be Mr international aka Wizkid. African China tried it and failed, so did Dbanj.

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I think Olamide is taking the safer route, which states that “a bird in hand is the only bird, the other ones will be gone by the time you get there”

4. Allowing Lil Kesh leave peacefully

Battle minded rappers make chaotic label bosses. When Lil Kesh decided to leave and start his own YAGI label, Olamide didn’t flinch or make a fuss. Not only did “Badoo” create this guy, he also stuck his neck out for him at the Headies. Olamide made him, in fact Kesh’s fan base are made up of younger Olamide fans.

But he let Kesh leave in peace with no beef. Olamide let a guy with so much potential leave without a fight. That tells you that Badoo, is actually a good guy who wants no trouble.

In conclusion, Olamide Badoo is not as hard or bad as he sounds. Do you think otherwise?

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