Falz shaking tables most Nigerian artists fear to touch with his new release

Regardless of whether intentional or simply driven by trend, multi talented Nigerian rapper Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana, has ‘shook’ the very center of our country Nigeria, with his latest music offering ‘This Is Nigeria’. Falz is shaking tables most Nigerian artists fear to touch.

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The song, which has now gone viral, is a adeptly executed cover of American rapper Childish Gambino’s Billboard 100 number 1 hit ‘This Is America’. Like the original version which enlivened a great deal of responses from Americans, ‘This is Nigeria’ as done by Falz is doing the exactly same thing around here.

Since it’s release, the music video has circulated around the web, due to how relevantly Falz came through in his depiction of Nigeria. With over a million perspectives on YouTube in under 5 days of release, ‘This Is Nigeria’ video touched a mess of dubious issues tormenting Nigeria.

Falz addressed gnawing subjects like Boko Haram, abduction of the Chibok/Dapchi young girls, Internet fraud otherwise known as (Yahoo Yahoo), misappropriation of public funds, corruption and sugar-coated politicians, fraudulent houses of worship, youth drug addiction, worsening power section and alarming unemployment rates. Falz pounded on everything that makes up the texture of typical Nigeria.

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His video, has not only gotten to Nigerians only but has managed to transcend outskirt the country. American rapper and music mogul Sean John Combs also called Diddy gave significant props to Falz for his work. Worldwide news outlet CNN, Al Jazeera likewise caught the epic ‘This Is Nigeria’ cover.

Once again, Falz demonstrates he isn’t the regular Nigerian artist who makes music just about lavish lifestyle, wild gatherings, bumbum shaking and general silly stuff. The law graduate, channels his activism with the best tool he has, music. He stands up where a large portion of his associates would rather stay quiet or act with lack of interest. He has joined the league of the likes of Eedris Abdulkareem, African China, the legendary Fela Kuti who straightforwardly scrutinized terrible government with their music.

What Falz has done regardless it’s a cover of ‘This Is America’ is both delightful and intense. It’s an enormous wake of call for critical issues to be attended to while keeping it offbeat and fun loving. It wouldn’t have come at any time better as Nigeria approaches another basic period in its democracy and presence as a state, the general election. For those of us carrying on with the escapist life in Nigeria, it’s punch to confront reality head on, as he reflects our terrible reality. He helps us to remember what is intends to live in Nigeria.

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Since Falz ‘This Is Nigeria’ got more powerful than would have been expected, alot of his meek colleagues have hurried to ‘famz’ because of the props it has gotten from foreign quarters. Once more in some way or another, the frenzy would shrivel away and our artistes who ought to talk up against terrible government would come back to the present state of affairs ‘minding your business’.

‘This Is Nigeria’ might be birth out of a trend, yet it could be only the correct push to drive towards getting it right politically, socially, and so on as a nation.

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria 🇳🇬


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