Falz – Moral Instruction, Hit or miss?

As expected, Falz the Bahd Guy released his new widely anticipated album ‘Moral Instruction’ today to thrill his fans and music lovers to much excitement. Previous projects from Falz include ‘27’, ‘Wazup Guy’ and ‘Stories That Touch’ some years back.

Many people consider Falz as an activist due to the fact that his music mainly touches matters affecting the nation which ranges from political corruption, high drug usage, boko haram unemployment and economical recession. He is seen as a bold character because of his ability to call out members in the government and terror organisations, with no signs off backing off when challenged by them.

In 2017, he gained worldwide attention for his song ‘This is Nigeria’, which is a cover to Childish Gambio’s ‘This is America, which was a viral hit. This song was so big to the point that it stirred up some controversy with the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC). They wanted the artist to take down the video and issue an apology as they felt the video was depicting Muslims in Nigeria in a bad way.

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His new album, Moral Instruction consists of nine tracks and only three features from Demmie Vee, SESS and Chillz.

Judging by the sentiment on social media, it seems like his new album is very much needed and will potentially go down as one of his best projects thus far.

Rating: 9/10

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