Facts about Tunde Ednut you probably want to know

He once schooled at the University of Lagos but later proceeded to Kingsland University of London where he studied Graphics Arts.

Tunde Ednut is the second child of a family that hails from Kogi State.

While at the University of Lagos, Tunde realized he had a talent in comedy and decided to start a career as a comedian, In 2007, Tunde Ednut was invited to perform at the Dynamiks Awards in Nigeria which was a big award show consisting a good number of top media and entertainment names in attendance. Tunde delivered an amazing comedy show that his performance received a standing ovation. He was a popular stand up acts in the UK before returning to Nigeria to pursue a career in music.

As an artist, He released some popular songs including ‘Catching Cold’, ‘Baby Boo’, ‘Jingle Bell Bell’ and a recent released single ‘Kosowo’.

Presently, lot of people know Tunde Ednut, as a blogger. Actually He dislikes being called a blogger. the truth is the guy is a  “Social Media Influencer” very popular for staring controversy with various individuals. Also know for his updated of instagram where he post funny, explicit, and odd posts on Instagram.

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Tunde Ednut is also known for his social media generosity of giving out free cash through his page (@tundeednut). His Instagram account has over 2M followers.

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