#endsars: 5 songs by Falz addressing issues in Nigeria system

After the death of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a new generation of music artists are arising to speak up against the negative turns of socio-economic and political issues in the country. They aren’t just addressing these issues in music and word, but they have taken to the street of Nigeria to protest against bad governance as they motivate other Nigerian youth to join in the movement against these flaws in the Nigerian system.

There are many songs in the past by veteran musicians like Fela, Lagbaja, African china… as far back as the early 1990s and 2000 calling out the Nigerian government to makes changes. As their times slowly pass, their song still remain evergreen and we have a new generation of artists with music addressing this socio-economic and political decadence. Amongst which is Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz.

Falz is a rapper, songwriter, and actor who has given a part of his music for the people taking on the act of activism like his father, Femi Falana who is a renowned lawyer and human right activists. His music clearly addresses Nigerian issues ranging from government, religion, corruption society, and the Nigerian economic state.

Some of Falz songs that addressing some of these societal issues are:

#E No Finish (2019)

The rapper clearly had a lot on his mind to spill and it seems the time was not enough. “E No Finish”  he says

Baba Fela talk am, But e no finish e no finish e no finish oh oh
When e go finish, Baba Fela talk am
But e no finish e no finish e no finish eh eh, My brother when e go finish

He lamented the about corruption and indiscipline, no regard for the life of a citizen, so sickening he says.

I hope you greedy motherfuckers is listening…

I hope you choke on your dinner this evening…

The rapper acknowledged that the late Fela Anikulapo had said it all and that nothing has changed.

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#Talk (2019)

“Talk” is a blast on the face of Nigerian politicians and government. The rapper was tackling the government on their failures as they haven’t kept to all the promises they made to Nigerians. All the changes were lies. We only see our leaders when it is election time and they disappear. Ironically picking on the president and Nigerian senators he said

Four year tenure, three year holiday, Eh Eh, three year holiday
Our senator, don dey fight, Kung-fu again, Eh eh, fight Kung-fu again

Nigerian senators are know to fight babarically at the house of assembly, he even questioned that fact that after they still keep ruling despite they haven’t given us the change they promised. We bought the stories of change they promised us

Shey dem never tire, They wan continue the race?
Eh eh, they wan continue the race
We buy your story, but you no give us change
Eh eh, you no give us change


#Hypocrite (2019)

Falz take troll on everybody and himself in his rap “Hypocrite”

Everybody is a motherfuckin’ hypocrite o yeah
Everybody is a motherfuckin’ hypocrite o ooh you and I ” he says

Starting from everybody acting all righteous when in fact we are all guilty. We all see the wrongs before our eyes yet we fail to speak up against evil and injustice. Up to the greedy politician he mentioned that they act like they really care when they do not.  He did not fail to call out scandals in the religious scene and society.

“Every is a motherfuckin hypocrite of course I know truth is bitter”


#This Is Nigeria (2018)

“This is Nigeria” released in 2018 is a replica of song by Childish Gambino “This is America” which is an illustration of the social crisis happening in the country. He mentioned various events of this crisis in his lyrics

Extremely poor. The medical facilities are poor.

We operate a predatory, neocolonial capitalist system, which is founded on fraud and exploitation,

and therefore, you are bound to have corruption. Many criminal cases are settled in police stations

He also pointed out the issues of crime and killings raging in various states of the country, while there is no security in the country, the government keeps embezzling public funds as the country’s situation gets more critical.


#Wehdone sir (2017)

The track “Wehdone Sir” was a very viral track which became a household slang. The song speaks against hypocrisy and insincerity amongst the people. He clearly states the kind of lives that some people in society exhibits as a result of not facing the reality of things it is called fake life and lying. So to all the lying and fake life he goes like weh done sir ( giving a mocking bow)

You dey pop bottle when you dey club, But your renting dey hard you to pay up na waa
You dey owe money since last year,But na brand new jeep when you drive here…

Your pastor dey go holiday abroad, But you still dey pray in the name of God
Make you see food oh make you nor fail to God, Man of God dey chop him dey robust
In your small salary you will pay your tithe, Fellowship in the day crusade for night
So you’re out here looking for more chiz, But apostle is getting on Forbes list


#Child Of The World (2017)

“Child of the world” is a tragic story of a  girl who was a brilliant law student and had hope for a better future, she was under the care of her uncle who was supposed to take care of her as an intern preparing for law school. She was later abused by the same uncle and this took an adverse effect on her. She became a wild girl and could not control herself till she fell into prostitution and contracted HIV. Who is actually to blame for her nemesis?

Am I a fool, Shey I don go astray
Am I a victim of my circumstance, Omoluabi ti bo s’owo aye
And now I’m feeling like I don lost my way

The song talks about what might actually be the reality of many women in society. It pointed out the crisis of child abuse and prostitution existing in the country. Also with the hope that victims of this crisis have a better hope if they overcome.


#Foreign (2016)

In the song “Foreign” which is a collaboration with singer Simi, Falz takes troll on the high-mindedness of Nigerians who love to live largely and show that they are foreign. He criticizes and mocked their attitude when they begin to act proudly like they aren’t Nigerians. They don’t want to be found with anything that makes them look local and they want to be treated like they are some kind of god.

Excuse me what’s all this embarrassment, Why will you give me pounded yam It’s for razz men
Are you guys not having lasagna, Then I can wash it down with Champagne?
What of Chinese rice or Pizza ni, I don’t do Mainland only VI

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