Efe’s ‘Babaloke’ shows why he shouldn’t be criticized any longer

Cognitive bias is a mix-up in thinking, assessing, recalling, or other intellectual procedures, frequently happening because of clutching one’s inclinations and convictions regardless to contrary information. Therapists study cognitive biases as they relate to memory, thinking, and decision-making.

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It’s obvious that Nigerians have a contrary cognitive bias towards Efe Money and even though hypothetically, he was the first person to sing ‘One Dance’ by Drake, or ‘If’ by Davido, still, everybody would still call him a wack artist. In my own opinion, Efe’s “Babaloke” is as good as Davido’s DMW ‘Mind’ track, or more better. Aside from the dope video with a lovely storyline, the song passes a message that lectures that one ought to appeal to God for their foes. It lectures that one should help their companions and neighbors in need and it additionally advises us that it’s better if everybody in your group is a victor as opposed to just you being the champ.

Likewise, in this track, we can see that Efe is advancing as an artist and is gradually turning into a rapper that may be up to par with the likes of MI and co. At least we know he’d excel greatly as a trap rapper if he needed that to become his niche.


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