Does “Logo Benz” really promotes money rituals ?

A whole lot of music lovers have been showing their dissatisfaction on the newly released song titled “Logo Benz” by Olamide and Lil Kesh. Although the duo aren’t strangers in the music scene, yet their audience is appearing to be saying followership has limitations. Because hours after the song is released, fans have been slamming both artists. As it could be noted, for some time now, the Nigerian music industry has been feeding its audience with ideas on out-of-norms concepts like prostitution, drug abuse, Indecent dresses, internet fraudulent activities, sexism, etc.

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But it seems “blood (ritual) money” is out of it. One of “Logo Benz” lines says, “if money no enter, I go do money ritual”. Nigerian music lovers seem to refuse accepting Money Ritual as the next graduation-stage after the aforementioned. Fingers are crossed, looking at the appropriate individuals and bodies to address the issue. Especially, the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.

It would be recalled that Olamide’s hit “Science Student“ is allegedly promoting Drug Abuse. Now, we have “Benz Logo” doing the same for money ritual.

Writer: Jimson Jaat Taofik

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