Do I need a record label to become a successful musician ???

A large chunk of upcoming musician would at a point of their career ask themselves do they really need a record label to be successful ?. While many still keep pondering over this, others are opting to take their music careers into their own hand becoming independent musicians, free to run their music careers however they want.

While previously it was largely essential to have a record label help push your music out there, with tools such as the internet becoming widely available in a lot of countries, you can now literally do it by yourself.

There are a number of musicians making money from music without a record deal. You can reach your audience on so many different levels, that if you have the desire and talent, you can do well.

If you really do want to sign a record deal, you will still have to be an independent musicians first. Record labels won’t sign you unless you’ve proven yourself to be profitable wise. Focus on being independent at first, and labels will naturally sorting after you.

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So do you need a record label to be a successful artist? No, you definitely do not. As long as you have the motivation and are willing to learn how to do things yourself, it’s possible to create a flourishing music career all by yourself.

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