Dagrin Or Fela, who would you love to bring back if opportuned?

A study in 2014 found that there is nothing any 21st century musical artists says that have never been said by either Fela or 2Pac. as false as it may sound to you, so o is it true to all aspects.

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These two deceased are not compatible in anyway because one outshines the other in every aspect but the question here is not about supremacy. It’s about choice.

Fela has a good legacy if not the best ever legacy of music in the whole Africa and in his time, he was globally known to be the only one who sings openly against Nigerian politicians. He has gotten over 24 studio albums before his demise in 1997.

Dagrin came with the most trending legacy of rap which enables him to rap in English, Yoruba , and Pigin. He had the ability to rap and freestyle on any beats he was offered. The force he came with could have led him anywhere and also enhance the look of Nigerian rap globally.

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His lifestyle and legacy gave rose to the likes of many to come on board and let the world know what they can really offer. When we talk about indigenous rap in the country, despite being gone for 8 years, we still think about him as the most capable.

Despite the big difference between these two musical legend, A lot of people still prefer one to the other. It all depends on what and how you feel about these two. We surely have people who haven’t ever thought of listening to Fela‘s song but can do anything to listen to Dagrin and Vice versa.

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