Castle Lite Unlocks reveals few truth about Nigeria Hip Hop

Most Nigerians are still delightful about J.Cole’s performance at the just concluded Castle Lite Unlocks concert. The reactions from social media, the tweets, the Instagram videos and all, everything demonstrates that for those Nigerians that were lucky to go to the show it was fun the all through.

Castle Lite Unlocks concert is somehow different because it was headlined by an American rapper J Cole. Someone who considers himself as a B-List celebrity. One thing that didn’t sit well about the show was having Wizkid and Davido as co-headliners in what might be thought of as a hip-hop show. While rappers like MI Abaga, Falz, YCEE were supporting acts.

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So after the whole occasion, vidoes and reactions that surfaced online indicates how Nigerians rapped alongside J. Cole as he performed out his hit songs. The most fascinating aspect is the fact that attendees aced the verses of J.Cole’s most recent Album “KOD” which just timed seven days after release. That was astounding, and even Jermaine was stunned he had strong fans around this part of the world.

Having fans vibe and rap along while J Cole played out his set at Castle Lite Unlock attracts our attention to hiphop culture in Nigeria.

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Here are a couple of facts about hiphop in Nigeria as uncovered by Castle Lite Unlocks.

Firstly, the believe that there are no genuine hip-hop fans in Nigeria ought to be disposed of asap. Truly without a doubt other than all the fear inspired notions that real hip-hop fans are just few… , Nigerians only want to dance… ain’t really an acceptable fact. Nigerians cherish and love hip-hop and there is without a doubt a market for hip-hop in Nigeria. Castle Lite Unlock demonstrated that we cherish rap music and can rap off a portion of those hip-hop hits by heart.

Secondly, album culture ain’t dead in Nigeria. Same Nigerians who have been blamed for not being interested in purchasing albums purchased J Cole’s KOD for free and aced the verses in a single week before his show. That says a considerable measure in regards to the fans. It’s just demonstrates that Nigerians wouldn’t splash up shitty albums since it’s our fave. Truth is each album that was a magnum opus has always been appreciated. Lets discuss MI’s debut and sophomore collections, Naeto C’s debut, the Eldees Trybes Men and so forth. Those alums were strong and fans showed love.

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Rappers in Nigeria are not consistent in their game. J Cole has five albums to date and surprisingly, Nigerian fans could vibe to every one of those LP’s. Cole has been consistent with his releases, lyrically, production and promotion. Our hip-hop artists come impress for a minute get complacent and loose the magic. Nigerians rappers are more interested in pulling crowd like their Afropop associates which isn’t an awful thought. Some displeased rappers who turn artists and even those that stay with rap can’t give a decent live show, performing songs with missing lyrics and merely frolicking the stage.

Another school of thought would suggest that Nigerians don’t love their own. If hip hop in Nigeria is done the way it ought to be with incredible finesse, there is no doubt Nigerians would support.

Our pop stars get so much love and affection from the fans since they have developed the arts and finessed it. Wizkid got an opportunity to play at COACHELLA, Davido would perform at WIRELESS this July, that is how much these Afropop stars have developed the art. But hip-hop as it is in Nigeria has not developed much in contrast with the Afropop music. Once in a while we make the hip-hop thing just about lyrics, yet that shouldn’t be all, but the entire art itself must be improved. What have the alleged hip-hop artists and rappers done to make its specialty more entertaining. Kendrick Lamar won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for music, it demonstrates how much hip-hop has developed in America. I can’t recollect the last time a Nigerian rapper got nominated for Best International Act: Africa in the BET. It has dependably been our pop stars.

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Hip Hop fans shouldn’t be blamed for the failure of hip-hop in Nigeria. Rappers don’t even need to fix their lives like MI Abaga exhorted. Nope, those hip-hop artists and rappers need to fix up the art, fix up hip-hop culture.

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