Biggest Bachelors In The Nigerian Music Industry

The Nigerian music industry is filled with lots of artistes who are single with baby mama and others who went out of marriage. Some days ago we published a post about the separation of Flavour and his baby mama Sandra Okagbue, many male artistes in the industry has never being married talk less of having a breakup or divorce.

According to recent statistics, the population of women in Nigeria supersede the number of men. That means a man can marry at least three wives without taking the woman of another man.

If that is the case, I assume scarcity of women isn’t the problem most of our finest bachelors in the music industry is facing, being a celebrity alone draws women closer. If an average man in the country can be in relationship with five to six ladies simultaneously then a celebrity can’t complain of shortage of women.

Reasonably, there some artistes who has been in marriage before but probably because of individual differences the union didn’t work out and the two parties went separate ways. At least it will be in their profile that they were once married. But what do we say of some of finest male artistes who has never been married or have a baby mama.

We have make a compilation of some of the biggest bachelors we have in the music industry, take your time to read till the end.



He should probably be the youngest on the list. However age isn’t a problem to this pop star. For sometimes now, Davido is seen with a young pretty damsel Chioma, whom Davido has made popular. Chioma isn’t a musician neither is she a rapper, but I bet she is more popular than some of musicians in the industry.

Davido recently shut down the entire London city with one of the biggest concert in his career at the 02 arena London, speculation have it that Davido and his team bank up a whooping sum of three hundred million plus from the concert. Who says hard work doesn’t pay?

Recently, Adekunle Gold tied the knot with his heartrobe and Davido was seen wishing the new couple the best of luck in their new life on his social media space. The question is, when will people wish Davido the same thing, Chioma is currently topping on Davido’s list making him shLog Outun all his baby mamas, just maybe, maybe the pop star wants to take after an icon in the industry too 2Baba, after many baby mamas he finally unite his children and settle down with Annie Macaulay. We hope sooner than expected Davido will walk CHIOMA down the aisle.

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Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid or star boy was born on 16th July 1990, he will 29 come July too.

Wizkid is one of the biggest artistes in the entire continent of Africa and world at large. He became prominent after he dropped a single titled ‘Holla at your Boy’. The singer use to be with a lady named Tania Omotayo some years back and since the break up between them Wizkid hasn’t been in any serious relationship. Speculations sparked sometimes last year when he dropped the visual of his song ‘Fever’ which he featured the one of the biggest spinster in the industry, Tiwa Savage. The two singer was filmed in a more raunchy manner leaving nothing for wondering rather than conclusion that the two are up with something more than mere work mate. As if that wasn’t enough, Tiwa savage and Wizkid shared a passionate kiss on stage after performing together.

Considering the age difference between the duo some critics knew nothing too good will come out of the relationship, maybe the duo just planned it as strategy to push the visual of the song ‘Fever’.

Wizkid have three baby mamas and three lovely kids, we hope he settle down this year.



Born on October 27, 1990, Falz will be 29 years by October. The music activist seem to be at the pinnacle of his career with his current album titled ‘Moral Instruction’, he took the whole country back to classroom with his new album. The singer and rapper makes no mistakes in his word lashing the government for its incompetency. You will agree with me that this singer is quite fearless among artistes in the industry, he care less about how you feel about what he said in his lines so far he’s speaking the truth. Falz is one the few artistes that made this list who is currently without a known girlfriend or announced baby mama. I hope is courage isn’t just to the government alone sha, I sure hope he his fearless in women affairs as well, lol. Sooner than expected now the singer will be thirty it is very important that he makes things fast.

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I’m sure Simi’s marriage to Adekunle Gold didn’t leave Falz in shock? because the silver tint of the cloud is that Falz was the fiance of Simi until the news of her marriage to Adekunle Gold tore the media apart. There are quite a number of pretty ladies even in the industry that will count themselves lucky to be Falz woman, he only needs to use his words the way he has been using it against government.



The 38 year old singer has never had a seriousrelationship with woman other than making them to baby mama. The rich and talented music and owner of Dem Mama record label have three lovely kids from two baby mamas. Timaya is very open about his marital life, he has never denied the fact that he isn’t married. He believes he his too young to get married because he isn’t ready to sacrifice his career.

Timaya is one of the most faithful baby father in the industry. He loves his family and keeps doing everything to keep them together.


Don Jazzy

The man who tops list is no other person than Michael Collins Aje known by his stage name Don jazzy. If the measure of marriage is by money, he has got money, if its by fame, he got it in abundance, if the benchmark for marriage is fine body/ Physique, Don jazzy has got the best physique but despite all of these attributes he possess, Don jazzy is still single.

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On this list, Falz is the only Bachelor that has got no baby mama, but Falz is still better a bit than Don jazzy. At least fans still mistake Simi for Falz lover, there has never been anytime Don jazzy was close to any lady. Don jazzy’s choice of woman is unimaginable, its out of this world I assume that’s why he hasn’t been able to get a woman all this while.

Sure Don jazzy isn’t a robot or machine, he has got flesh and blood running through his veins, definitely he’s got feelings for the opposite sex. What am not sure of is if he’s got the balls to woo those ladies he fell for.

There was a time he use to have a big bad crush on Rihanna, one of the hottest female artistes in the world, he even Photoshop his picture with Rihanna and himself having a child, can you imagine that. His feelings and assumption stayed with, it is quite understandable because Rihanna is long away from his reach what about Linda ikeji that is just few kilometers away from him, he still couldn’t get her until she becomes the baby mama of another man. Even Korede Bello, one of his signed artistes gave a whole verse in one of his singles titled ‘Mungo Park’ to Don jazzy marital status, asking him when he will get married.

He is the most eligible bachelor due for marriage not even a thought of having baby mama instead.

This year promise to be a great one with lots of opportunities and new things, I hope fate and luck smiles on Don jazzy and when next he’s making the headline, the news should be about his Marriage.


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