Astonishing tricks to compose hit Nigerian songs

when it comes to composing a song, you can get everything right; be in the correct condition, get the correct vibe and play the correct tune, despite everything you wouldn’t know where to begin from. Actually, most lyricists have admitted to not knowing the science behind composing great songs as they simply compose as it comes (as e dey hot).

There is an art to composing extraordinary songs, however despite the fact that musicians don’t know the science behind it, it really exists. In fact, people are always doing research to recognize what makes a tune effective, with the thought being that if they can identify what works and what doesn’t, they can accomplish a greater amount of the previous and less of the latter.

Below are proven research on the most effective tricks to writing hit Nigerian songs.

Tell a relatable truth

One magnificent approach to truly hit the lyrics of a song is by getting the verses to hit home. Pen down something that talks a reality, a powerful message and is, exceptionally relatable. “Ordinary People” by Cobhams Asuquo is a very simple song with a powerful message. Eedris Abdulkareem’s “Jaga Jaga” is a clique great because it talked about the staggering economic condition of the country and is still relevant today.

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Another awesome illustration is Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by BeyoncĂ©, which was such a hit because a huge numbers of individuals could relate to it. If you can pass on a relatable truth through your verses and the way the melody is conveyed, you’ll have a multitude of fans staring you in the face in no time.

Utilize your hook to get audience members hooked

A hook is a tune or an arrangement of verses which is intended to “hook” the audience and to inspire them to recall it. More often, if you can’t get a song out of your head, its because the hook actually got you hooked.

An awesome case of an artiste whose hook are dependably on point is Brymo. Brymo conveys the sort of hook in a song that will have you singing it forever. Songs like Oleku and Action Film are prime cases of this. The primary concern is if you want to be remembered, you require a decent hook.

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Modify, Rewrite, and Rewrite

People rarely hit the nail right the first time. Did you know that if Paul McCartney had kept the original lyrics, “Yesterday” would have been called “Scrambled Eggs”? That is the reason it’s vital to change and refine your work, and one of the best way to spot potential upgrades is to get a moment match of eyes. Tools like Grammarly can really help you to ensure that you’re nailing the sentence structure and utilizing the correct words.

Ensure it is timeless

There’s a motivation behind why when some old songs come on the radio or we happen to go come across them, we promptly get this rush of wistfulness and wish we could backpedal so as to relisten to the song again and again, and after that there are a some songs that are forgotten when they wrap up the first run through. The difference is that one set is timeless and the other isn’t.

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