An open letter to Small Doctor

Everyday, we’re faced with the situation of improving and becoming better at whatever we do.

The thing about life is everyone at one point in time gets tired of the normal thing. Human are tired when you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

This is the problem with you Small Doctor. Your music career is gradually fading away and to make matters worse, people are not vibing to your music any longer when compared to when you first started.

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Think about it, it’s a bad signal as an artiste when at the end of the year, you see you’re still stagnant rather than moving forward.

If I may ask you, when last did you drop a hit single?

When last did you hear any DJ on the street or club play any of your songs?

For people reading this open letter, when last did anyone recommend any Small Doctor single to you?

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I am writing this to speak the minds of many Small Doctor fans like me, we want growth for the Small Doctor brand, we are tired of having to wait like forever before we started hearing “Hiann Hiann Hiann” and other street lambas that follows.

You have to be consistent and work harder, your usual two songs a year will do you more harm than good.

You’re a growing artist, still not fully established in a congested industry, even A list artistes are involved in at least 10 songs a year.

Sitting down in the streets and still be forming “King of the street” isn’t the best for your career right now.

Small Doctor, there’s no growth in your comfort zone.

My kindest advice!!

Writer: Concerned fan

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