7 Nigerian musicians that have spent time behind the bar

Nigerian musicians don’t go to jail like their American counterpart but that doesn’t mean they don’t get into troubles that will land in the hands of law enforcement agencies. Quite a number of them have actually had to stay in the police custody for either going nasty, going against the law or maybe the police just wanna have them over for the night.

Lets take a glance some of our favorite musicians that have landed in police custody in recent times.


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In 2016, Rap veteran 2shotz was arrested for no specific reason and he spent a night at the police headquarters, Langbasa Division in Ajah.

According to him, he tried explaining his identity to the police but one way or the other he was dragged in. Few days later 2shotz was invited by the police and the issue was resolved amicably.


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Wizkid was invited by the Kenyan police in 2014 for questioning and quizzing for smoking illegal substance in their country.

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Wizkid allegedly got into a heated argument with a hotel frontier after he was warned not to smoke the banned substance in their hotel. The singer was later handed to the police and was released with singer Victoria Kimani the surety.


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Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, popularly known as Sauce Kid, spent two years in an American prison for stealing $15,388.

Law enforcement agents caught up with him as he wanted to board a flight at Boise Airport in Idaho, United States of America.


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Last year, Davido was invited by the Nigerian police over the death of his friend Tagbo who reportedly died on the eve of his birthday at a bar in the Lekki area of the state.

However, he was allowed to go home after the interrogation, which lasted for some hours.


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Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane was also arrested in the United States over alleged theft of credit card and a car, he pleaded not guilty to the charges and demanded a trial by jury and also chose the option of a waiver pre-trial conference.

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He was released after meeting his bail conditions, set at $7,500.


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Nigerian rap sensation, Vector arrested by his former label YSG for breaching contractual terms. Vector surrendered the car and apartment provided for him by the label during the dispute. He revealed he was arrested twice over the matter. The second time he was in custody from 3pm to 10pm.


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Skales and his manager were handed to the police by his former label, Baseline Music, for financial crime and mismanagement by the music company.

According to Baseline, Skales and his manager were making monies that weren’t documented. The rapper was eventually freed but his manager spent longer time with the NPF.


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