5 ways music affects your activities and productivity

Imagine movies or TV shows without music to cue the scenes or to add more suspense, the drama, the romance, etc. It’s kinda hard. Music, for sure, makes the world more colorful. It adds life and personality to everyday things. It’s regarded as one of the achievements of the human creativity.

Music has affected us positively in so many ways. In fact, scientists proves it’s beneficial to our health. Certain types of music improve sleep quality, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases pain, boost memory, and many more.

The effectiveness of music depends on what type of work you are doing. For instance, if your task requires a lot of focus, rap music might not be the best type of music to listen to. Below are 5 ways music affects some of your activities and productivity:

Music Allows us Escape a Noisy Workplace

Noise is distracting and it can break our focus. In a noisy workplace, a set of headphones can be the solution to getting back on track. In one study, a group of IT workers listening to music in headphones completed tasks faster than those who didn’t. It’s also because of an increase in their mood.

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Your choice of Music Affects your Learning

If you want to retain new information, music might be a distraction. Participants in one research showed that they were able to recall complex tasks and information better in silence. However, some studies also show that certain music enhances learning. It might improve memory, enhance creativity and imagination, and so on. Either way, the music is most likely lyric-free.

Lyrics are Distracting

Lyrics are often distracting for intensive work. An immersive task such as writing, will not benefit from music with lyrics. It’ll be like talking to someone while another person is also talking. Lyrics are just a no-go for these tasks.

However, lyrics don’t have the same effects with low-immersion tasks, some creative and physical tasks. Basically, tasks that don’t involve the language center of the brain. Lyrics have positive effects on tasks such as designing, painting, drawing, etc.

Tempo has Different Effects

Have you tried jogging to slow music? Or doing yoga poses to a fast pace song? It doesn’t seem to match, does it? Although it’s alright, matching the tempo of your music to your activity gets better results. If your work requires you to be more upbeat, try listening to music with an upbeat tempo. Baroque music is a popular choice for this need.  Mellow music, such as some slow classical music, has more positive outcomes for activities requiring deeper thought.

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Music and Creativity

If your task requires your creative juices to flow, an ambient level of music is ideal. When you are listening to music that you like, it often improves your mood. Studies show that people who listen to music they enjoy often have better ideas than those who don’t listen to music. They also complete their tasks faster than usual.

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