5 things you can do to support the Hip Hop culture

Do you know that as a fan, you can help move the hip hop culture forward. Like a Yoruba adage, “Ẹyẹ ò lè fi apá kan fò / Birds cannot fly with one wing [We need one another; together we can do more]. There are some little things each of us can do to help. And these are the stuff that make the difference. Let’s get at it, real quick.

1. Listen to new rappers and support them

I bet you would want to be that guy that knew a superstar rapper when he had 42 followers. Besides, these new talents are what the industry need. If we look for them, we’ll surely see them. give them the utmost support they need.

I don’t have a million followers, so me tweeting Davido’s new single, is like dropping a pin in an ocean. I’m not going get appreciated and he won’t know. I’m tweeting it to people who’ve probably heard or seen it before me. But, when I share a new kid’s song, and play it to people who may care, I might be supporting the next big thing. Show love to skilled upcoming artistes. They don’t have the platform, but just that one tweet can take them to a whole new level.

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2. Buy an album, and get music from the right places

You can’t afford to be ripping your “best rapper” off his money, by opting for pirated copies of a top-notch album/project, created in sweats, and sleepless nights and a lot of research. What of the money invested on the project? Buy albums, buy, buy, it won’t cost you much.

Instead of downloading it free, why not buy on Moremusic.ng or stream on YouTube, that can actually fetch some revenue for those artists? Do have a re-think.

3. Join the conversations

Don’t just sit and watch M.I take shots at rappers because you’re a fan. Join the conversation. Your favorite rapper just said M.I is whack so Talk About It and yes, pun intended. That Instagram post of yours can escalate the matter, and turn it to a big discussion.

4. Checkout some cool old school

Some SWAT Roots or Rugged Man collection for the night can really make you appreciate the art, and how far it has come, You will see the creativity the past players had infused into it. It will also make you know why this was this, and why that was that. Check them out, so next time you won’t say things like “Eedris Abdulkareem is the father of Nigerian hip-hop”.

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5. Go to local concerts like OLIC

Olamide is one of Naija’s finest act, but you people didn’t go to his concert. Still you dance “awon omo science student” crazily on the street. Badoo even sell ticket fee at N1k, yet they didn’t attend. But the next day you’ll be arguing why Olamide is bigger than this guy and that guy.


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