5 things to avoid if you want to stay relevant in the music industry

No matter if you’re on stage, backstage, side stage or behind the proverbial stage in an Lagos office, all of us in music, only stick with this unstable, unrelenting, inexplicable, occasionally rewarding career path because it’s who we are. Not merely what we do.

If there are 5 things to stay relevant, respected and prolific in music, it is to avoid the following:

1. Lack of Self Confidence

You need to believe in yourself first before any other person will have faith in you. Confidence is alluring. Energy is contagious. If you don’t have faith in yourself, for what reason would it be advisable for anyone else to?

2. Arrogance

There’s a barely recognizable difference amongst confidence and arrogance. Also, it regularly can’t be characterized on paper. If your confidence isn’t backed up by your skills, talent, and work ethic, it’s typically seen as arrogance. The most powerful character trait is confidence. Try not to get excessively arrogant when you begin to see some success. In case you’re excessively modest and lack self-confidence, people won’t be impressed with you and will think that you’re not taking your career seriously. Whereas if you’re arrogant, it’s a complete turn off. This is a difficult line to straddle, but it’s always better to err on the side of humility. Be sure. Yet, humble.

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3. Giving Unsolicited Advice

Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn. Offer advice up only if asked.

4. Badmouthing Anyone

Destroying others in your scene isn’t harming their rep, it’s stinging yours. Remain positive. Encircle yourself with positive individuals. People would prefer not to associate with negativity. Be a positive presence in your scene. If you start junk talking, you’ll castigate the wrong individual and it will return to haunt you in the ass. Nobody wants to hang out with individuals who bitch constantly. They want to hang out with individuals who always motivate them and urge them to continue pushing for their dream.

5. Promotion

If you don’t promote your music, no one will listen. If you welcome the industry out to your show or implore them to tune in to your track and you suck, you can bet they will never give you a moment look.

Promotion is necessary, but don’t start implementing sales funnel style marketing strategies and throwing money at Facebook ads before you’re ready. Play out. Test the waters. Fail hard. A lot. Practice your ass off. Write a hundred songs. Build authentic relationships. Make friends with people who care about you and will tell you if something is not ready without fear they will hurt your feelings.

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