5 things new age musicians needs to understand

Spotify/Apple Music Plays Don’t Equal Fans

Many musicians are of the idea that if you have hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify and other streaming platforms, then you ultimately have new fans that will definitely help sell out any show you organise. Well, if you are one of such artistes, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are artistes out there with millions of streams that can’t even get 100 people to come and watch them perform live. Listeners on streaming platforms don’t equal fans; they may be fans of the playlists your song got included on, but not necessarily your own music.

Getting a million naira advance when you sign a record deal is a myth

In the olden days, getting that big break from your first song/album was very possible. Now? not so much. Record labels hardly sign unproven acts anymore, and even if they sign you, you are going to have to cross hell and high water to keep proving to them why they should keep you on their payroll. Also, the million-naira advance that you heard labels offer when they sign you may not be true again in this day and age. Bottom line is, take matters into your own hands and don’t be waiting for Mavin or Chocolate City to sign you.

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Your brand and personal life is more important than your music

In as much as you think it may not matter, your personal life is just as important as your music; and in some cases, it may be even more important. There are artistes now who have lost fans and have seen a drop in their album sales because of some sh*t they did that was made public. Always remember that the fame that comes with being a celebrity is a double-edged sword; it can either make or break you. There will always be people lurking and judging you based on what you do. People talk about your scandals and brand more than how good your music is.

Your number of followers is not equal to real life numbers

It’s cool that you have over 200,000 followers on Instagram, 500k likes on your Facebook Page, and your Twitter and Snapchat numbers are popping, but how many of those numbers actually transfer to actual album sales? We all know that followers and engagement can be bought. How many of these people are coming to your shows, buying your merchandise and actually talking to you? Just because you got bots to Like (and comment) on your posts means nothing. Well, it means you’re desperate and have no desire to make a living with your music. Bots don’t come to shows nor buy your merch. Bots don’t support you in any way financially. Bots don’t help you become a full-time musician.

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Making It is not equal to becoming a superstar

It is the most exciting time to be a musician in the history of the music business.

Never before could you have a successful career as an original performing musician without the help of a record label. There are more ways than ever before to make a living as a musician. For some reason, music seems to be the only industry where the sole definition of ‘making it’ is superstardom. Don’t waste your time with people who think that. If you are making a living, supporting the kind of lifestyle you’d like to have, doing something you love then you are making it. Anyone who tries to belittle your success is unhappy with their own.

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