5 Songs To Listen To While Driving

Almost every human on earth derives inspiration from listening to some particular songs as it’s generally described as the food for the soul. A scientific study has revealed that music helps to activate every part of the human brain. From this study, you should understand the positive impacts of listening to music while participating in your daily engagements. Having said this, what would you say are the best driving songs in Nigeria ?

1. Rema- “Dumebi” 

The afrobeat song was released by Rema, under the Jonzing world record label. This is a subsidiary of Mavins Records.

“Dumebi” was released in March 2019. The music is to be played with 110bpm making it a perfect song for road trips. Dumebi is a unique vibe on its own. The song tends to increase the self-confidence and freedom of its listeners.

These attributes of the song make it a perfect option for drivers. As every driver is looking for a safe driving option, a low tempo song like Dumebi can make your road trip fun and exciting.

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2. Cheque – “Zoom”

Cheque is a fast-rising artiste with quality music and sweet vibes. “Zoom” is a trap based song that can be listened to while driving especially when cruising with friends. It has awesome vibes and amazing content but hey, hey be careful so you don’t zoom into, you know maybe the third mainland bridge in Lagos. Yes, this song would make you feel like you’re flying but in reality, you’re stuck in traffic under the bridge in Ikeja.

3. Burna Boy- “Wonderful”

Burna Boy released “Wonderful” on 26th June 2020 as the single lead of his fifth studio album titled “Twice as Tall.” The song should be played at 119 bpm which makes it an ideal song for road trips. Music lovers both in Nigeria and abroad derive inspiration from this afrobeat song.

4. Joe boy- “Baby”

In 2019, Joeboy surfaced in the music industry with an inspiring song titled “Baby.” The song has pushed Joeboy to embrace the limelight.

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This R&B Song has inspired both Nigerians and foreigners to see music from a different angle.

The song should be played at 105 bpm, which makes it a good option for safe driving. You should add this song to your playlist to enjoy your driving selection.

5. Fireboy DML – “Vibration”

Fireboy is another talented artist that graces the Nigerian music industry with interesting songs. In November 2019, Fireboy released a song titled “Vibration.”

The song was a hit track and helped the singer to gain more attention from music lovers all over the globe.

This R&B song should be played at 105 bpm. You should add this amazing song to your playlist while driving one of the top 10 cars in Nigeria 2020 or other cars of your choice.

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