5 songs that shows us Eldee was far ahead of his time

Eldee is a retired Nigerian afro beats artists who has  greatly contributed to the Nigerian music industry, it’s alleged that he and his old music group ‘Trybes Men’ were the pioneers of Afro Beats (not to be mistaken with afrobeat invented by Fela). Eldee was still hot when he was still in the industry and he gave us some evergreen songs that we wont’t forget in ten years time.

Eldee is currently based in Atlanta USA and happily married with a wife and two beautiful daughters. Even though he’s retired from being a musical artist we desperately hope he makes a comeback. He owns an educative podcast called Nigerian American where he shares philosophical stories about Nigeria and life in general.

Below are 5 songs that show us that Eldee was far ahead of his time:

1. Bosi Gban Gban

Eldee uses this song as a comeback after vanishing the music scene for a while. The song was constantly replayed on the airwaves for months unending when it was released.

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2. Otami

Otami is another club banger song that has a bit of humour in it and it’s very catchy and easy to remember. The song was voiced in Yoruba language and was filled with loads of relatable proverbs and Yoruba nursery rhymes.

3. Plenty Nonsense

Eldee was the leader of a music rap group called “Trybes Men” before becoming a solo artist and they dropped a lot of songs that were political and satirical in Nature. Plenty nonsense is one of those tracks that tackle Nigeria and it’s people, in a satirical manner of course.

4. Big Boy

Arguably one of Eldee’s biggest solo track after he left the trybesmen is “Big Boy”. The track is everyone’s favourite, this song stands the test of time and if played in a club people would still sing and shout along.

5. I’m leaving

Eldee used this track in announcing he was leaving Nigeria and relocating abroad, he also used it to talk about the ills of Nigeria and told us why he was leaving Nigeria for the USA. While most people thought he was joking about leaving, he was damn serious.

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