5 songs Nigerians would forever dance to

I remember vividly back in the days when we’d attend parties and the DJ would play a hit track like ‘yahooze‘ and everyone would start to dance, throwing up two fingers in the air as if they were possessed by some spirits, those were the good times. Anyways, we all assumed that by the time we’re older we’d outgrow that demon that made us dance like we were possessed, apparently, that’s a white lie.

Below are 5 Nigerian songs that if you hear anywhere you’d be forced to dance like when you were smaller.

1. KONKO BELOW by Lagbaja

Konko below by Lagbaja is one of the evergreen song Nigerians wont ever forget, it’s not as crazy as the other songs on this list but if you were born in the 90s baby there’s no way you’d hear this jam and not bend down, put your hands on your kneels and bang to it.

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2. SHAKITI BOBO by Olamide

Arguable one of the biggest song of 2016, Shakiti Bobo by Olamide is a fan favourite.  It’s a mellow song that invented the shakiti bobo dance.

3. PENALTY by Small Doctor

The moment you hear “Ghen Ghen Ghen, Gbas Ko Je,” you already know its Penalty by Small Doctor, Some would say this song is more lit than ‘Wo’ by Olamide, well, maybe we agree. But any Nigerian that hears this song and doesn’t dance should have his citizenship revoked, lols.

4. FREE MADNESS by Terry G

Another song that revolves around dancing like a lunatic, sounds crazy but, we loved it dancing to it back then. He even went further and did a remix of the track and as usual everyone ate it like hot pof pof .

5. KOLO MENTAL by Faze

This song was the epitome of the phrase ‘Lose your home training dance’ as the theme of the song is to dance like a mad person. It was hot back then and is still hot now. Faze is one of the formerly defunct plantation boys trio which had Tuface and Black Face as members.

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