5 Situations To Use Egungun Be Careful

“Egungun Be Careful” by Obesere is our newly adopted national anthem, and Nigerians are making use of it in every necessary situation. If you’re confused about how and when to use it, we have compiled this list for your enjoyment. Read, digest, and remember: egungun be careful, because na express you dey go.

1. As a family anthem.


In case any msunery situation happens in the family or is about to happen, just cue in egungun be careful and watch the atmosphere return to normal. It’s a note of warning, and it can never ever go wrong.

2. As a lullaby

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Is your little baby or your ‘adult’ baby in need of a lullaby to sleep? Obesere’s hit is something you should consider singing. It soothes the mind, calms the heart and ensures sweet dreams.

3. When it won’t stop playing in your head

The music comes from a part of your brain that thinks with memories of sensations, such as sound. Give in to the cravings of your heart and let it all out. Egungun be what? Egungun be careful.

4. When Egungun finally enters trouble


When Egungun has been warned overtime but won’t listen. Ah,e don happen! Soldier don jam this egungun o.

5. When your bf misbehave

If your boyfriend has the slightest bit of care and concern towards you, he will remain blind to his selfish ways until you actually point them out. Egungun be what? Egungun be careful

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