5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Obesere

Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere has made massive comeback to our screens and social spaces and we can not but thank this gem of a man for everything he has done in his career. We stan him, and we made a list of reasons why you should stan him too.

1. He was literally the first man to ever do it.

By “do it,” we mean that he spoke about something everyone else considered a taboo or spoke about in hushed tones. Unlike now where we are gradually bringing an end to the culture of silence, Obsere’s coming out was considered immoral. Yet he was a star. The same people who considered him immoral also bought his tapes and played them in the privacy of their homes.

2. Obesere is one of the few Fuji musician who is married to one wife.

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Yes, it is not one big achievement. But given the image Obesere portrays on the screen and in his music videos, and given how Fuji musicians often follow the path of polygamy, one would think he should have at least 10 wives. But not Obesere.

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3. Even Saint Janet cannot deny Obesere’s influence to her music career.


Because he was there first, did it first.

4. Cross dressing and making a point with it? Obesere ate that up


Obesere has covered lengths and breadths in his career and we stan a king that accomplishes all.

5. And we must not forget the evergreen Egungun Be Careful jam.


A versatile video that can work in any msunery situation you’re experiencing. It’s so good it even invades your thoughts in random moments.

We are the floor, Obesere can step on us anyhow and anytime.






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