5 qualities female must possess to secure a Davido

Davido and his girlfriend Chioma have been all over the social media for a while with their romantic tale and even recently, Davido bought her a 45 million Porsche as a birthday present.


Well, Davido pronounced that Chioma was going to be his wife. Indeed, you are right, she’s the lady he want to spend whatever is left of his existence with “no doubt!”. A few women are in anguish, and have started the search for their own Davido.

Below are 5 characteristics you must possess  to secure a Davido in your life.

Ability to cook

They say the quickest path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’re not talking about cooking noodles or frying egg. If that’s everything you can do, we are sorry this isn’t for you. What we mean here is having the capacity to prepare neighborhood and intercontinental dishes that taste great. Have you seen Chef Chi’s Instagram? That is the sort of dish you should have the capacity to make.

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Serve his friends and companion

Davido has friends and gang, according to Davido, if Chioma cooks,”Chioma would serve food to everyone in the house”. You have to be generous enough to everyone surrounding your David. Serve food to the gate man, the cleaners and the people closer to your David.

Love his kids like they are yours

According to Davido, he disclose that Chioma is the only person he knows who would treat his kids like her kids, even though she did not give birth to them; A quality only his mom had.

Forgo your social media life

“She no like Instagram, I dey beg am to post,” Davido stated. Can you forgo this one to secure your David? Some of you cant even drop your phones for one minute. Some might actually die if they wake up one day and social media no longer exist.

Having a great personality

A David does not like attention seekers or rude babes. According to David’s friends, Chioma is someone who touches people’s lives no matter how little. You have to have a great personality to be loved by a Davido.

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I’m certain some people are already frustrated with these 5 characteristics. They have probably beaten all of bae’s nephews or burnt all the food they have tried to cook. Well for those of us that can sink this, good luck in finding your Mr. David!



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